Documentary - Post-Production 2018

An original documentary that follows back 3 months prior to the legendary guitarist's death.

    • Year of production
    • 2018
    • Genres
    • Documentary
    • Countries
    • JAPAN
    • Languages
    • Synopsis
    • On May 2, 1998, the guitarist of Japanese rock band X JAPAN which set up numerous legends and engraved its name in the music history left this world. His name is Hide. Approximately 50,000 people brought flowers to his memorial service. The queue ranked several kilometers along the Sumida River from Tsukiji Honjyoji, and people were crying and screaming without being able to accept his sudden death. "Is this a suicide or an accident?" the media posed to the public, but the truth became cloudy as time went on.

      Twenty years have passed since Hide's death today, in 2018. Believing in a certain scholar's words that "you can see the signs of a person's death since 3 month before the death", a fan of Hide, an actor, stood up to investigate. The place where he's headed is Los Angeles, where hide was recording three months before his death. In the hands of the actor is Hide's time-table from when he was recording.

      Following a thorough investigation on the time-table at the time, he interviewed Mr. YOSHIKI, the leader of X JAPAN, and Mr. Hiroshi, Hide's younger brother and previous manager, to ask about the situation at the time. Furthermore, he reproduced the circumstances of the day before Hide's death. What's the truth behind Hide's death? This documentary elucidates the mystery by using a lot of secret images such as the official videos owned by Universal Music, the staff camera, the videos of the day before death.