Romance - Development 2017

After bring dumped for having no sense of humor, a woman goes on a hilarious and touching journey to learn how to make people laugh and, in the process, how to be herself.

    • Year of production
    • 2017
    • Genres
    • Romance, Comedy
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 3 - 5 M$
    • Writer(s)
    • Bryan WIZEMAN, Andrew SEMANS
    • Producer(s)
    • Synopsis
    • Just as life is finally coming together, bookish Minneapolitan, Alia Marantz is dumped by her boyfriend Jessie. His reason? She has no sense of humor. Confused and upset, Alia pledges to prove her ex wrong and to show the world that she is, in fact, funny. She just has no idea how to get started.
      It isn’t long before Alia meets a charming, lonely guy named Bill at a local Target Superstore. Bill has a reputation for hilarity, and he reluctantly agrees to mentor Alia in the ways of comedy. Ove the ensuing weeks, Alia and Bill become close, but not as close as Bill would like.
      When she suddenly discovers that her parents are splitting up, a shaken Alia takes comfort in Bill. Bill’s comfort leads to romantic sparks – and a poorly timed confession – sending their friendship into the lurch. As if that weren’t enough, the careening Alia ends up in an improv class with her ex Jesse. In class, Jesse starts to see her differently, causing more confusion and temptation for Alia. She is torn between the guy who hurt her, and the one who is doing his best to help her get stronger.
      Just as Alia’s life is at it’s hairiest, she must perform at the big, public graduation show for her improv class. Stricken with stage fright and fed up with all of Jesse’s crap, Alia can’t hold it any longer and lets it all out….on stage.
      Humor Me is a smart, accessible (and funny) story that explores the inflated importance placed on humor in American culture. Mixing social satire, broad comedy and closely-observed characters, Humor Me examines this all-pervasive pressure to be funny in a style that’s both inclusive and highly entertaining.