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    • 2016
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    • "How far is Europe" is the common theme behind a new film project, which aims to promote a cinema emerging from a very particular cultural environment: the Moldovan cinema. Because of the double culture influencing the country and its position at the borders of European Union, Moldova is one of the few places to experience in full-size the clash between Eastern and Western values.
      The project represents the close association of three film producers with different cultural backgrounds, from France and Romania- Dan Burlac, from Republic of Moldova- Igor Cobileanski and from Austria - Pavel Cuzuioc.
      Developed as an omnibus, the feature film will contain a collection of six stories, each with a different genre, each with distinctive style, but all speaking of the same theme: how is the West perceived at the borders of the East, or, how far is Europe?
      The six stories (Salix Caprea, Postcards from home, Vera, Raisa, Fossil and Sunflower Oil) are the winners of a script contest organized by Brio Film Production, at the begining of 2013. Six well-known Moldovan film directors will transform these stories, chosen from more than 60 scripts submitted, in to a coherent visual discourse.
      The past few years brought a well-deserved recognition for the Moldovan Cinema. Igor Cobileanski’s debut feature, The Unsaved, was nominated for the Karlovy Vary “East of West Award”, and selected for Locarno and Warsaw Film Festival, while Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu‘s Panihida won “Cinema XXI” award at Rome Film Festival, after obtaining a Robert Bosh co-production grant.
      The Moldovan society is extremely interested in what is happening in Europe, hoping that one-day to be part of the European Union. Its special geographical position, between Russia and the European sister, Romania, reflects on all society’s layers, including the cultural part.
      Rising from this environment, the Moldovan Cinema is capable of bringing the European audience the uniqueness of an almost unknown territory, one that seems close but also far away. From absurdly comical situations to drama inspired from real events, "How far is Europe" is a necessary voice in the context of the European Cinema
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