Science-fiction - Completed 2011

A man trying to change his life discovers that he's trapped in a social network.
Hotspot - log in at own risk.

    • Year of production
    • 2011
    • Genres
    • Science-fiction
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 0 - 0.3 M$
    • Duration
    • 80 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Vitor VILELA
    • Writer(s)
    • Vitor VILELA
    • Producer(s)
    • Natasha MARBURGER
    • Synopsis
    • Hotspot is a new type of social network system being developed by Jeremy and Colin, two scientists who are both bordering on genius. The project is being funded by investors who want to release Hotspot. Jeremy and Colin are at the point of finishing the development process of Hotspot, they are just testing the system further before it gets released.
      At the same time, Jeremy’s marriage to Corinna is suffering. They love each other but Jeremy’s lab work is very time-consuming and there are not enough hours in the day for his wife and their son, Alex. Disappointed with Jeremy’s empty promises, Corinna leaves him for some time and space to think.
      In the meantime, Marco is enjoying his peaceful life on a farm, running on the beach and in the park, and having drinks in the local pub. Then he meets Corinna. It is clear he already knows her and they spend much romantic time together.
      Then Corinna runs away from Marco, and when he follows her he finds romantic photos of her with Colin. He and Jeremy both show up at Corinna’s mother’s house to find her. This is where it is revealed that Marco and Jeremy are the same person – Marco is Jeremy’s avatar in Hotspot. Confused between the real and the virtual, Jeremy lashes out at Corinna and Colin, punching his lab partner and going into Hotspot once again. This time he realises that Hotspot is not all it seems and when he logs out of the system he calls Corinna to apologise and make up. He has discovered that Hotspot can cause problems to its users and decides that he will not allow it to take over his life any longer.
      Jeremy feels much better – until Colin is found dead at the lab. A series of strange events draws Jeremy back into Hotspot. Believing the system has his son, Jeremy searches for a password that allows control of the system. However, not everything is as it appears, and Jeremy ends up caught between the real and the virtual. The question is – where does the real world end and the virtual world begin? And which will prevail in a world characterised by making dreams come true?
    • Beginning of shooting
    • May 01, 2011