By Raihan RAFI

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Drama - Completed 2018

    • Year of production
    • 2018
    • Genres
    • Drama
    • Countries
    • Budget
    • 3 - 5 M$
    • Duration
    • 115 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Raihan RAFI
    • Producer(s)
    • Abdul AZIZ (Jaaz Multimedia)
    • Synopsis
    • The only girl of day laborer Kafil Mia, Jasmine, committed suicide by hanging herself on the darkness of the night, because her lover Kabir betrayed her. Since self-murder is not accepted in Islam, there is no place for the funeral and grave of Jasmine's dead body in the Islam inhabited Shwapnopuri village. A mosque imam and an influential rich man of the village with the help of Badrul Talukder did not let the funeral and grave take place in the village. Kafil Mia digs his daughter's grave in the Khas land (government owned land) on the bank of the river and performs her funeral. No one from the village took part in the funeral but, a small ten year old boy Sujan did. Kafil Mia went berserk about the daughter's death.

      A very simple and orphaned day laborer Nawsher's apple of the eye is his youngest brother Sujan. Sujan never had any interest in education because he wants to be a film hero. For this reason, Sujan has been acting like a hero since childhood. One day, Sujan's play mate Pari, daughter of Badrul Talukder was coming from school along with her friends Bosta, Kadi, Lata and other friends went to the pond to take shower. Pari loses her gold chain while taking shower in the pond. Sujan finds out the chain drowning in the water the entire day. He with the chain and a ceramic Moina (Starling) bird went to Pari's house but her brother Badrul Talukder mistook him as the chain thief, he and his 14-15years old son Maksud beat him black and blue twisting on the bicycles chain. Sujan did not have the guts to speak the truth in front of Badrul Talukder's rage. Pari did not say anything throughout the incident, Sujan could not take it and started hating her like anything. Meanwhile, Pari's love and affection for Sujan starts to develop.

      Ten years have passed by. Hero Salman Shah's devoted follower Sujan becomes locals favorite Sujan Shah. Bosta and Kadi becomes Sujan's blind fans. Under the big tree planted by Sujan, he made a cinema hall and plays different characters to entertain the locals. In ten years Pari's love for Sujan increases and starts craving for Sujan to love her back. But even after ten years Sujan refuses to love and keeps on ignoring her for days. But Pari could not think of any other boy other than Sujan in her life. One fine day Sujan accepts Pari's love proposal but it was all acting for revenge. Pari was awestruck knowing that and promises she will never face Sujan in her life again. Kafil seeing this, advices Sujan that no one should take advantage of someone's love and affection. Sujan was surprised to hear Kafil speak after 10 years. Sujan's elder brother also tells him whatever he did was wrong because Pari is a very nice girl and he adores her. Sujan feels guilty and starts losing his interest in everything even he loses his interest in his favorite part of his life 'acting'. He soon realizes his fault and goes back to Pari with heart filled with pure love. Pari agrees to be with him but only if he starts living lik