By Thai Dzung BUI, Vy LY

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Drama - Completed 2006

    • Year of production
    • 2006
    • Genres
    • Drama
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 100 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Thai Dzung BUI, Vy LY
    • Synopsis
    • “Hanoi, Hanoi” is a journey story of a Chinese girl namely ToTo (played by Can Dinh Dinh), who just graduated from the college and took the first trip to Vietnam by her grandmother’s wish. The only drawback is that she couldn’t speak any Vietnamese word.
      Her grandmother used to conduct the family’s herbal business in Hanoi as the owner of “Aroma Branch”. During the hard time of war, both Vietnamese and Chinese showed their supports to each other and lived the friendly life. ToTo’s grandmother even successfully cured the son of Mr. Son, who lately was employed to the branch. They met each other as by an arrangement of fate, one was a widower and one was a widow, and gradually fell in love.
      It was the end of 60’, and also the fierce time of American war in the North, Toto’s grandmother had to follow her mother to go home into the father mourning.
      Mr. Son and Toto’s grandmother promised each other to get marriage when she left off her father mourning. To prove her love, she brought his son with her to China in the purpose to teach him more about herbal medical. Unfortunately, on their way home, their train was boomed and the kid was lost. By all her frenzied efforts, she could not find him and being forced to get in the train by the militiaman. Due to the renovation changes in the two countries right after that, she could not return Vietnam. She wrote many to Mr. Son but never received any feedback. The loss of his son had been in her brain since then and probably haunted the rest of her life.
      ToTo’s grandmother became senescent when To To graduated the college. Once she asked ToTo take her responsibility, on her behalf, looking for Mr. Son and handing him her diary together with the family’s traditional medical books which were kept in a secret place in the “Aroma Branch”.
      To take the grandmother’s desire, on her way to Hanoi, To To stops at the small train station where her grandmother lost the son of Mr. Son, to take photos and find out the happenings of years ago.
      Without speaking any Vietnamese words, she had experienced many complicated happenings on her journey. Fortunately To To met Trong (played by Hoang Hai), Thanh (Quach Thu Phuong) and Dan (Minh Tiep) and many other Vietnamese who then helped her to find the “Aroma Branch” in Hanoi by their sincere, honest, loyalty and altruism.
      At this moment, through internet, Toto’s grandmother also meets her old and new acquaintances. Although Mr. Son died years ago while Trong is her granddaughter new friend, she still feels truth to hand the family medical books to Trong, whose responsibility now is to care the mercy charity as the key point of “Aroma Medical Branch”...