• Year of production
    • 2015
    • Genres
    • Drama
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Renessa MAHABEER
    • Synopsis
    • The sun rises over the city of Johannesburg, the city comes to life. We see elements of
      a young woman getting dressed in a helper’s uniform before we reveal Sandi. Sandi is
      all set for work and on her way out when she picks up letters from her doorway. Most
      of the letters are irrelevant, however, one catches her attention. A small blue envelope
      looks worn and torn; her name is scribbled on it. She opens it up immediately. It is a
      letter from her sister back home in Nongoma, a small village settlement. Sandi’s
      sister, Palesa asks Sandi to return home urgently.
      Sandi drops everything and begins her journey back to the village. Her anxiety builds
      as she nears the village. She stands atop a mountain overlooking her village; memories
      and emotions flood back to her mind. It takes all of Sandi’s strength to enter the
      village. Prying eyes cast harsh judgment upon her, Sandi realizes that her clothing
      isn’t appropriate for the village but she brushes it aside and reaches her door. Sandi
      freezes. The door before her is the only thing separating her from her family. A family
      she hasn’t seen in years. She remembers a time where things were normal, happy, and
      when it was not. Sandi opens the door to see her ill father laying on a bed, her sister,
      Palesa, is by his side. Palesa is stunned at the sight of Sandi; Palesa expresses her
      disgust toward Sandi but Sandi rushes to her father’s side.
      Sandi wants to take Ndadi back to the city for modern medicine and treatment.
      Ndadi wants to stay in his home, he refuses to leave and Palesa sees Sandi’s plan as a
      massive offence. The next morning when Sandi is getting dressed, she adorns herself
      in her mother’s clothing when she finds a box. Inside the box, Sandi finds a thick
      stack of letters addressed to her. The letters are old and stamped on them is,
      “Returned to sender”. Sandi realizes that she received only one of many blue
      enveloped letters.
      Sangoma and Ndadi are enjoying the shade of a tree; Sangoma is mixing medicine for
      Ndadi that will help him be at peace. This medicine causes Ndadi to have visions of
      his late wife.
      Sandi is alone; she reads the letters that she found in the room. In the letters, she
      finds out that Palesa battled in her absence and begged her to return home. Sandi is
      distraught. A light breeze blows over the letters and a hand reaches out to pick them
      up. She sees Thulani, her old flame. Thulani and Sandi catch up when Sandi asks him
      about Dotty. Dotty was Sandi’s best friend before she left the village. Thulani drops
      the bombshell that Dotty is now his wife and they have a child. Sandi battles to hide
      her hurt, Thulani takes Sandi to see Dotty.
      Palesa is helping Ndadi gets dressed when he stops her and wants her attention.
      Ndadi thanks Palesa sincerely for all she has done for him. He releases her of her
      responsibility to stay and gives her his blessing to be happy. Palesa breaks down, she
      doesn’t want to lose her father, and he is all sh