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Action/Adventure - Production 2016

A high-octane story of speed and rivalry
Fulled by the love of cars and a powerful desire to win

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Action/Adventure, TV Series
    • Countries
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    • Director(s)
    • Dave SNELL
    • Producer(s)
    • Sam TROMANS
    • Synopsis

      The high-octane story of speed and rivalry fuelled by the love of cars and a powerful desire to win.
      Within the playgrounds of the super-rich there is an exclusive enclave where the trappings of success can only take you so far…
      For these daring few, a predilection for speed and glory surpasses all else as the most sought-after cars on the planet are put through their paces and their drivers risk all for a place on the podium.
      ‘The Gentlemen Drivers’ is your VIP pass to the ultra-exclusive world of international, historic car racing and an opportunity to be a part of this dream lifestyle.
      Super-successful Entrepreneurs, Celebrities and Captains of Industry who swap Savile Row tailoring for fireproof suits and seatbelts and do battle in one sensational vehicle after another – from Grand Prix legends to fire-breathing sports prototypes.
      They race escape the pressure of professional life yet their unquenchable desire for success and victory is only accelerated.
      The circuits need no introduction – Silverstone… Nurburgring… Spa… Daytona… these glamorous locations are familiar to everyone but within the intense in-car and trackside footage is a human story with romance, glamour and high drama.
      Who are our Gentlemen Racers? Where did they come from? What fuels their success and continued lust for life? Who are the people behind them?
      Action, Escapism, Glamour, Rivalry, Danger, Glory.
      The world of The Gentlemen Driver has it all.
      Join them in one exotic location after another as they push themselves and their priceless machines to the limit, and sometimes beyond….

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