By Mahiro MAEDA, Kazuto NAKAZAWA, Shinya OHIRA, Tatsuyuki TANAKA, Koji MORIMOTO


Animation - Completed 2008

The creativity is transcendent.
This is an ambitious project by STUDIO4C. With the concept of "limitation = ZERO," five gifted directors collaborate with their characteristic short animations. They are opening a new chapter in history of animation, and audiences are to witness the impact.

    • Year of production
    • 2008
    • Genres
    • Animation
    • Countries
    • JAPAN
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • N/A
    • Duration
    • 82 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Mahiro MAEDA, Kazuto NAKAZAWA, Shinya OHIRA, Tatsuyuki TANAKA, Koji MORIMOTO
    • Producer(s)
    • Eiko TANAKA
    • Synopsis
    • GALA
      Mahiro Maeda is known as a genius in the industry, previously creating unique, artistic visuals in the TV series “Gankutsuou” as the director. This oriental fantasy “GALA” is created with Maeda’s unfettered imaginations and profound knowledge of myths and ancient civilizations.
      A huge object suddenly emerges in the land of gods. Some start having a feast to stimulate its birth. Maeda vividly describes the mythical tale through a perspective of a boy, Co-oni.

      The four notorious outlaws in the Lunar City, Jico, Yuki, Mitchy, and Pekepeke, having heard the information about treasure, go to a watch shop and get an old map from the owner. However, they cannot read the ancient letters! So they invite themselves to the house of a scientist to have him read the map. According to him, it's a map of the map of a legendary treasure. Jico challenges a guy to a pool game betting large sums to buy an airship to get to the island on the map, but the game leads an unexpected result!
      With his fresh visual style and excellent drawing skills, Kazuto Nakazawa draws much attention from all over the world. “MOONDRIVE” is a comical, light and easy film that Nakazawa fully participated in as director, storyboard artist, character designer, animation director, and key animator of all scenes.

      Shinya Ohira is a skilled animator whose unique style knows no equal. It is a fantasy involving a little boy who goes into an adventurous world in his dream. It is surely the work of a prodigy; the visual of an “innocent nightmare,” composed of colorful and simple designs inspired by paintings of children, characterized by distinctive curved lines and phantasmagoric shapes. This film is filled with surprises and creativity that leap over the concept of animation.

      A young girl, living in a condo almost buried among huge factories, gives life to stuffed toys by injecting a mysterious life-force called “Tochu” using a strange machine. However, the forbidden game she indulges herself in doesn’t last long…
      One day, the investigator Shimada and the Glass Heads raid her house. She grabs one of the toys and runs out of the room …
      A strange world filled with bewitching appeal and bottomless depth released by the talented directorTatsuyuki Tanaka.

      Shin, a boy wearing a pupa on his head, meets a girl, Kuu. Days that he spends with this unrestrained, unique girl gradually changes his heart. Irreplaceable memories and fragments of words keep coming back…including the one that broke his heart, "I don’t like you anymore."
      Shin runs haphazardly wild, and his soul and body drift around wondering where she is now… Is he able to break out of his pupa shell and move on?
      Koji Morimoto is one of the founders of STUDIO4℃ as well as the genius creator who has gained much praise with his numbers of cutting-edge films.