By Robin WENG


Completed 2007

    • Year of production
    • 2007
    • Countries
    • CHINA
    • Director(s)
    • Robin WENG
    • Synopsis
    • Fujian Blue takes place in the southeastern coastal province of Fujian (located across the straits from Taiwan). The film follows several characters in two separate but linked tales in the aftermath of the Communist government's decision to open the province up to the outside world in the 1980s.
      The first tale, entitled "The Neon Knights" follows the youth Amerika (Zhu Xiaoping) who lives in Fuqing. Amerika works for Roppongi (Zhuang Jiangjie), who operates a blackmailing ring that targets lonely housewives who have committed adultery while their husbands are away. Unbeknownst to Amerika, Amerika's mother (Wang Ruiyin) is also involved in crime, as an agent for the smuggler Czech (Gao Qing). Upset that his mother will not pay for his college education, Amerika makes her his next blackmailing target, but his plan goes awry and he is forced to seek refuge on Pingtan Island.
      The second tale, entitled "At Home at Sea" takes place on that same island and follows another youth in Roppongi's gang named Dragon (Luo Jin). Dragon, too, has fled to Pingtan after stabbing a man earlier. He had turned to crime in order to pay for the loans taken out to have his brother illegally smuggled out of the country. With nowhere to turn, Amerika gives Dragon some money, and he must decide whether to use it to emigrate himself, or to help his family.