By Rony HOA, Minh Nhien THAI

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Romance - Completed 2017

    • Year of production
    • 2017
    • Genres
    • Romance, LGBT, Drama
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 98 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Rony HOA, Minh Nhien THAI
    • Synopsis
    • Truong, a Saigon boy, is a graduate doctor. After accidentally reading in his father’s diary about his and his friend’s love story in a poor village in The Central, Truong is so curious about this place that he decides to move to work there so he can retrieve the recorded memories. There, he works with Dr. Nguyet and nurse Hai, a gay man. Hai falls in love with Truong at first sight and tries to flirt with him, but Dr. Truong likes Dr. Nguyet. Truong still reads his father’s diary every day, and looks for the places where his father and his friend dated. He accidentally meets Nguyet many times, and their feelings grow gradually. In a discussion, Truong tells Nguyet about his father’s love story in his diary.
      When Tung, Truong’s father, was a child, he and his mother had to earn their living and were often helpless. Once, after his mother was raped by a strange man, they were helped by Nam and his mother. After that, Nam and Tung grew up together, studied in the same class, and built their childhood memories together. Day by day, a strange feeling grew between the two boys. One day, Tung’s mother had passed away, and Tung moved to live in Nam’s house. He studied very hard and won a scholarships to study in the USSR. Nam wanted Tung to take this great opportunity, so he reluctantly repressed his love to let Tung leave. Tung gave his mother’s necklace to Nam as a memento. While Tung was studying abroad, Nam saved a young girl, Thom, from rapists just as his mother had saved Tung’s mother. But, the necklace went missing while he was fighting with the men. When he backtracked to find the necklace, he was beat so viciously by the men and their accomplices that he lost his vision. Subsequently, Thom got pregnant. To protect Thom from disrepute, Nam married her reluctantly.
      After graduating from university, Tung came back and found Nam. Surprised and broken-hearted knowing that Nam got married, Tung and Bang Ky, his friend from studying abroad, went to Saigon to set themselves up in business. Again, Nam was pretending that he was happy with his family to let Tung go away to achieve his bright future.
      After Truong finished telling the story, Nguyet unties her necklace to show him, unbelievably, that she is Nam's daughter and Truong is Tung's son. Again, predestination sets up the love for Truong and Nguyet and thanks to this development, Nam and Tung reunite to be together in their old age.