By Chieh-Te LIANG


Documentary - Completed 2015


    • Year of production
    • 2015
    • Genres
    • Documentary, Environmental
    • Countries
    • TAIWAN
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 78 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Chieh-Te LIANG
    • Synopsis
    • Have you ever seen the ‘eagle’ in the Taiwanese children’s game ‘Eagle Grabs the Chicks’?They used to be common but now there are only about 300 individuals left in Taiwan.
      ‘Mr. Kite’, Shen Zhen Zhong spent the best 20 years of his life traveling throughout Taiwan, trying to find out why the black kite is disappearing.
      Director Liang Chieh-Te followed Mr. Kite every step of the way and documented his journey. This film was completed over 23 years from 70,000 feet of film footage and hundreds of hours of digital video records spanning 6 countries.
      Mr Kite’s successor was Ling Hui-Shan, who made a shocking discovery:
      Could it be pesticides, or rat poison that has caused the black kite’s population decline?
      We hope that this film ‘Fly, Kite Fly’ will be the kind of film that not only touches each and every audience member’s heart but also compels them to re-examine their perspective and relationship to the environment and to the wildlife that lives around us.
      Our deepest gratitude goes to all those friends who have assisted in making this film and contributing to black kite conservation and research. We also thank our funding sponsors: CCYS+CTC, BAMID of the Taiwan Ministry of Culture and the Wistron Foundation. Without them, this film could not have been completed.