Drama - Development 2015

Alirio a 13-year resident of the street, cross your life with Alicia, a woman of 75 years of high social class every day is abandoned by his family in a wheelchair in a park. Alirio one day take the wheelchair and takes Alicia to live in their world.

    • Year of production
    • 2015
    • Genres
    • Drama
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    • Flying is the story of Alice one wealthy woman of 75 who spends his days in a park sitting in a wheelchair abandoned by her family and Alirio, a child 13 years living on the streets picking up trash.

      In his solitude, Alirio begins to be interested in the woman who sees every day in the park where he spends collecting garbage to sell. Alicia is left for dead in the morning by a woman who gathers in the evening and sometimes at night, he spends hours watching the pigeons in the park and people passing by.

      Alirio shares the sewer, where he spent the cold nights in front of makeshift fires with Claudia, a girl of 12 years who also leads from very small to survive on the streets of the city. Claudia, who constantly smelling glue in his hallucinations looking Alirio loving and she loves him without the appropriate Alirio. Claudia notices of interest in old Alirio puts spying in the park, she goes into a jealous rage that leads to consume glue to death.

      Alirio consumed in their grief and loneliness, he kidnaps Alice taking her in his wheelchair into the gutter where he lives. Alice falls ill by local conditions and looking stalked by police is looking for the missing woman, Alirio takes women live in a quarter of a place like the Bronx or former Bogota Cartridge Street, where cohabit drug addicts, prostitutes and thugs.

      Alirio and coexistence between Alice generates a change in the two: the woman begins to feel alive, loved and useful. The child is employed in a recycling location. She taught him to read and write. Alirio cares about her and they begin to enjoy living.

      Alirio wake up one morning to find dead Alice, severe pain after the child decides to continue life as it came and accompanied the body of the woman: she eats, sleeps with her, read books and magazines, all as if it would not have happened.

      A few days home are beginning to complain about the smell coming from the room and asked the child to solve the situation as soon as possible.

      Alirio takes Alicia's body through the streets of the city until arriving at a mountain near a garbage dump, where the vultures begin to tear the body pieces of meat taking Alice to heaven.
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