Thriller - Development 2015

By Andrea, a beautiful young Chilean who comes to live in Bogotá, "Fear" tells a story of suspense about the paranoia that causes the insecurity prevailing in a Third World city.

    • Year of production
    • 2015
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    • Thriller
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    • After living a long distance courtship, Andrea (28), arrived in Bogota from a small town in Chile (Viña del Mar) to finally live with Sebastian (32) the love of his life.

      The hostility of the city becomes latent for Andrea from reaching the airport when a guard asks you to be very careful because the can steal. His mother, travel gift, handed the protective figure of the Virgen del Carmen, a symbol of his country and that also echoes in Colombia. While he is adapting to his new life, is besieged by fears that infuse all around regarding the care to be taken in such a dangerous city, so slowly learning to walk with the necessary precautions: do not use the phone on the street, pull the bag when walking and always look behind her, until the day to get off a bus stolen, inadvertently audio player that has given her boyfriend birthday. This not only full of hysteria but also greater precautions in their daily lives to the point where you begin to feel persecuted in their own apartment. Everything is worse in the evening in the middle of a street a man was crossing the truck driving, you break the glass and steals her purse.

      Startled and frightened, the woman begins to see the picture of a man who appears and disappears in several places, but Andrea finds safe haven in another figure of the Virgin of Carmen, now Colombian, who will accompany in his new car and a revolver that gives him a friend after inviting her to a polygon to teach shooting. A sudden trip to work your boyfriend, Andrea gun will not peel or sleep, she is defended with their fears and ghosts created by the paranoia that is becoming larger.

      After Andrea breaks the news to her boyfriend that she is pregnant, Sebastian returns and is surprised that Andrea has taken his paranoia to the absolute limits, where the Virgen del Carmen, is the only spectator and where faith was not enough to avoid an unfortunate fate.
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