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Action/Adventure - Development 2022

A draft resister flees the US to Iceland tempted by absolute power and destiny of the world for either good or evil while encountering an advanced civilization living in the Center of the Earth.

& Awards

Los Angeles Film and Script Festival 2021
    • Year of production
    • 2022
    • Genres
    • Action/Adventure, Science-fiction
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 5 - 10 M$
    • Duration
    • 120 mn
    • Synopsis
    • 1968. Garrett Hill, a young Berkeley student, idealistic, protesting for a better world, winds up beaten by the police. As mother Jackie rushes to the hospital, father Ollie is visited by a mysterious MIB Postman — these "men in black" are biologically engineered robots from Asgarth, the home of a race called the Arianni who live inside the Earth.
      Ollie's reminded of an encounter with a German sub during WWII — which he buzzed with his PBY, but then lost. That sub was commanded by Captain Wermoutt, on a mission to deliver six mysterious brass trunks to a secret repository in Antarctica. One contains the Holy Lance — the spear which pierced Jesus's side at the crucifixion.
      Back in 1968, Garrett is taken by an MIB Doctor to an encounter with Thal, an agent of the Arianni. They are worried about man's nuclear experimentation. Thal tells him he's been chosen to be their emissary of peace — over time the path will be revealed, and he must choose. The memory of the experience fades upon his return, but as directed, he keeps the jewel they gave him. Turns out Ollie also had an encounter with Thal, on a post-war mission over Antarctica with Admiral Byrd. He did not speak of this encounter, which earned him (and his family) their trust.
      Garrett receives his draft notice, and escapes to Sweden, with his parents' support. In Iceland he meets the lovely Gugga, who awakens an interest in Norse legends, and stories of the gods and the hollow earth. Garrett remains in Iceland with Gugga, where they have a child named Thora.
      Garrett learns from new friends that the mysterious MIBs are well-known among the people of the North. A local savant, Svienbjorn Beinteinsson, tells him of the Holy Lance. Those who possess it control the destiny of all mankind. Chilling news, as we find the Lance has been spirited out of its Antarctic stronghold by a secret society of Germans called the Ritters.
      Captain Wermoutt, a Ritter himself, has Garrett spied on. Later, Wermoutt attends Garrett and Gugga's wedding. Meeting with Garrett and Ollie afterward, says he's Gugga's father, and invites Garrett to join the Ritters. According to him, Thal has charged the order with finding the proper individual to wield the Holy Lance for the good of mankind. And that individual is Garrett.
      Against Ollie and Gugga's wishes, Garrett opts to go to Germany for the ceremony. But the Ritters are not what they seem. They intend to maintain the charade for the benefit of the Arianni until such time as they can neutralize Garrett and steal the power for themselves. They seek no less than the establishment of the Fourth Reich on Earth
      Garrett, once initiated, realizes their true intentions. With the help of Gugga and his father, he steals the Holy Lance and flies to Spitzbergen, pursued by the Ritters. In Spitzbergen, the Ritters are thrown off the scent by a fake lance — allowing Garrett and Gugga to fly north, using the jewel Thal gave him to home in on the entrance to the Hollow Earth. Despite a last