By Yukihiko TSUTSUMI

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Comedy - Completed 2012

A dream collaboration between Japan's most watched seven and the wildly talented helmer.
Hail the arrival of a dark and cutting edge superhero film.

    • Year of production
    • 2012
    • Genres
    • Comedy
    • Countries
    • JAPAN
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 109 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Yukihiko TSUTSUMI
    • Writer(s)
    • Yuya TAKAHASHI
    • Producer(s)
    • Synopsis
    • Abandoned and traumatized, a man decides to turn his back on humanity. Meanwhile, seven men who have been constantly abandoned by others decide to protect humanity. The year is 2035. Japan has entered a worst case scenario.
      A succession of natural disasters, an economic crisis, a severely declining birthrate and aging society, a falling population, and deteriorating public safety...
      The populace is losing hope for the future, and for life itself.
      To make matters worse, a massive terrorist organization called Dark Crusade is running rampant in the desolated regional cities, and robberies and abductions have become everyday occurrences. Everyone is desperately trying to survive the present.
      Eight City is no exception. In order to keep the peace and protect themselves in this devastated town, its citizens have formed a vigilante group called the Superhero Society.
      Layabout Makoto Yokomine (Black Ranger) is fleeing from black market loan sharks when he is scouted by the Superhero Society, and joins them to pay back his debts. For some reason he is appointed as the leader of six other heroes, every one of them an oddball: Kaoru Shibusawa (Red Ranger) becomes a formidable exponent of drunken kung fu when intoxicated, but is actually an alcoholic; the kind and virginal Yuki Muraoka (Eggplant Ranger) is given the nickname “Eggplant” because of the color of his hero costume; Shogo Marunouchi (Orange Ranger) is a recluse with an addiction to online shopping; Shun Yasuhara (Blue Ranger) is obsessed with things that are blue and collects them; Tetsuro Nishikino (Yellow Ranger) is a pathological exhibitionist who is extremely preoccupied with his position as the team's central member; and Ryosuke Okawa (Green Ranger) is a typical Japanese male who constantly falls victim to phone scams and lacks the courage to say no. As the “Eight Rangers,” they are directionless, totally out of step with each other, and the furthest thing from a superhero team that you could imagine.
      That is until they meet the legendary superhero, Captain Silver. He has solved numerous tricky situations in the past, and to those who dream of becoming superheroes, he is an untouchable presence. However, the reality is that he is actually a product of the school of hard knocks who lives in a tiny apartment... Under the guidance of Captain Silver, the Eight Rangers resolve to stand up and fight to protect the weak in their corrupt society. Their motto: “Protect humanity, and let no-one fall through the cracks.”
      Meanwhile, two police detectives are working day and night to keep the peace in Eight City: the justice-craving Momoko Kito, who has come to be viewed as a problem by her superiors for her unorthodox investigative methods; and her rookie partner Haruka Nishina, who idolizes Captain Silver,.
      Sneering at the efforts of these do-gooders is the Leader, the mastermind behind Dark Crusade who rules Eight City with an iron fist. Orchestrating a string of child abductions in order to profit from human trafficking and amass wealth and armed force, he is the epitome of evil, but his identity and whereabouts are a mystery.
      Eventually, either through coincidence or fate, the destinies of these characters become inextricably linked, leading them toward a furious showdown with life or death on the line...
      What is the sad fate that awaits them, and what is the truth hidden behind their conflict?
      And will the Eight Rangers succeed in becoming true heroes?
      To be continued...