Documentary - Completed 2017

This movie tells the story of the journey that refugees have to go through in order to reach
Europe in search of a peaceful life. Through their stories, we adopt their point of view and we
learn more about the reasons that pushed them to flee their native country.

    • Year of production
    • 2017
    • Genres
    • Documentary
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 0 - 0.3 M$
    • Duration
    • 40 mn
    • Producer(s)
    • Antigoni GAVRIATOPOULOU (A&GFilms Media Entertainment LTD), Jean Marie LARONZE (Cosplay Productions)
    • Synopsis
    • This movie was takes place in the Eastern borders of Greece and shows the refugees’ journey
      in their attempt to cross through Greece and reach the Northern Europe. The narration is
      1. A modern Odyssey .
      The first part of our film is settled in Lesvos where hundreds of refugees were arriving daily until
      March 2016, crossing the seas in what was unfortunately sometimes a deadly trip.
      In Eidomeni, on the northern border of Greece, we managed to capture images showing the
      difficulties that the refugees encounter when trying to cross a closed border into Europe.
      Images of people waiting day and night in an abandoned train station for an opportunity to
      cross the border, parents inventing games with their children to keep them entertained…UNHCR and the UNICEF of Greece helped us make this documentary, two organizations that
      do their best to provide for the refugees taking measures for the unaccompanied youngsters,
      large families with young toddlers, families with single parents etc…
      We have gathered interviews from :
      - Abdulah, a refugee from Pakistan that we near the Moria refugee camp in Lesvos.
      - Mazin “Manoussos”, a refugee from Syria that we met in Athens and became our dear
      2. Beware the Lestrygonians, the Cyclops and Poseidon.
      This 2nd chapter focuses on the toils of those refugees on their way to Europe. Through
      several interviews they reveal, in their own words, both the manner in which their rights as
      human beings and war refugees are either respected or infringed upon by stricter border
      restrictions, as well as the reasons that compelled them torisk their lives in their quest to
      reach Europe.
      Another topic of interest, observed in this 2nd section is the continued reinforcement of
      border obstacles throughout Europe, despite such international deals like the Schengen
      Agreement, or even the Geneva Convention.
      Finally, we must ask ourselves how we define the rights of unarmed civilians and war
      In this passage, you will find interviews of :
      - Sofia Tzitzikou, head of the UNICEF in Greece
      - Maria Kenti, a doctorate student in anthropology researching on the refugee crisis.
      3. Compassion and aid for the woderers without an Ithaca.
      Our 3rd chapter brings the kindness of everyday people to light, by conferring with
      volunteers offering up their spare time or even parting with a portion of their wealth jus to
      lend a helping hand to their fellow man.
      Here in Greece, where the economic crisis has been raging for years, with no hope of
      reprieve and where more than 60% of inhabitants live near or bellow the poverty threshold,
      the Greek community, battered and bruised as it is has nevertheless showed remarkable and
      heart-warming solidarity.
      Yet, mercifully, they do not stand alone, as volunteers from around the world arrive in
      Greece to shoulder the same burden.
      In this chapter you will find interviews from :
      — Konstantinos Polychronopoulos, founder of the Social Kitchen “O Allos Anthropos”
      (“the Fellow Human”).
      — Emilia Kamvisi