By Viktor Oszkár NAGY


Comedy - Development 2019

Gyula, a hooligan, would do anything for his football family, the Ultras, and also to establish his own family. But when a young, pregnant roma girl enters his life, he soon finds himself in an irresolvable conflict and Gyula is forced to find out who he really is
and what is truly important to him.

    • Year of production
    • 2019
    • Genres
    • Comedy
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Director(s)
    • Viktor Oszkár NAGY
    • Writer(s)
    • Viktor oszkár NAGY, Márton BÁRÁNY
    • Producer(s)
    • Sára LÁSZLÓ (CAMPFILM), Marcell GERŐ (Campfilm)
    • Synopsis
    • Big, brawny GYULA (30) is a true football fan; the Ultras are his second family. He has two really important people in his life: the leader of the Ultras and his father substitute, ALEX (40), and MARIANN (35), his wife, with whom he hopes to start a family. But it turns out that Gyula is infertile, so their only option is to adopt. This plan fails, however, because Gyula is caught up in a usual violent clash in the streets. In her desperation, Mariann chooses an illegal path. She closes a deal with a pregnant, teenage Roma girl (LÜSZI, 16) living in state foster care: They will adopt the girl’s unwanted newborn and pretend that it was Mariann who gave birth. This crazy plan – not to mention the prospect of a Roma girl being the mother of his adoptive child - makes Gyula lose his head. He furiously tells Lüszi to get back to the institution, and in response, Mariann announces that she’s moving out.
      In order to get his wife back, Gyula decides to carry out Mariann’s plan. He smuggles Lüszi out of the institution and moves her into their home for her last trimester. From this point on, he lives in constant terror of being found out by Alex and his racist Ultra friends.
      To make things even harder, the loud-mouthed, free-spirited Roma girl wears him out. But living and hiding together nevertheless brings them closer to each other, and they discover how similar they in fact are: having a real family is what both of them desire the most. Despite Gyula’s attempt to mend things with his wife, it becomes clear that Mariann’s decision is final and she won’t come back to him. He surprises even himself when he doesn’t send Lüszi away. Though they are still fighting, the relationship between the Ultra and the Roma girl slowly becomes more than just friendship. But before anything serious can happen between them, they get busted by Alex. Gyula must decide between his “two families.” First, he makes the wrong choice: he betrays Lüszi to the foster care institution. However, his actions prompt him to realize what he truly feels for her, and he understands he’s no longer the man he used
      to be. For the first time in his life, he turns against the Ultras, and finally decides to stand up for what he wants and thinks is right, even if it means being cast out by them forever.
      He locates Lüszi, who has escaped from the institution in the meantime, and despite the girl’s protests, Gyula helps her when labor sets in. Finally, she has to be taken to the hospital. Lüszi is in a life-threatening state, when the doctor asks who the baby’s father is.
      After a moment of hesitation, Gyula says that he is the father, and with this gesture, he clearly acknowledges their relationship. As a result of these events, Alex also realizes that he must be accepting if he doesn’t want to lose Gyula. Finally, Gyula and Lüszi get what they always wanted: a family – much bigger than they ever imagined.
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