By Kevin CHU


Drama - Development 2016

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Drama, Romance, Family
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Duration
    • 100 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Kevin CHU
    • Writer(s)
    • Kevin CHU
    • Synopsis
    • Among the borders of Hunan,Hubei and Sichuan, there is a small town called “Cha Dong”. Cui Cui lived with her 70 yrs old grandfather and they made a living by handling a sampan which is the main means of transport between Western Hunan and Eastern Sichuan.
      Shun Shun, the landlord who’s in charge of the piers in “Cha Dong”, has two sons, the elder Tian Bao and the younger Luo Song.
      At the evening of the Dragon Boat Festival, Cui Cui met Luo Song but due to misunderstanding, she thought Luo Song was a bad guy and refused his invitation to his house to wait for her grandfather. Later, Cui Cui realized that she had misunderstood Luo Song and thus got a deep impression of him.
      At the next Dragon Boat Festival, Cui Cui went with her grandfather again to the river bank to see the Dragon Boat racing. This year, she didn’t meet Luo Song but instead she met his brother Tian bao. Both Tian Bao and his father Shun Shun were impressed by Cui Cui’s pretty and innocence.
      Almost a year passed, a matchmaker sent by Shun Shun came to see Cui Cui’s grandfather and proposed on behalf of Tian Bao. Knowing the proposal was from Tian Bao and not from Luo Song, Cui Cui kept on silence and refused to gave a definite response to the proposal. Grandfather just thought Cui Cui was too shy to respond, not knowing that it’s Luo Song that was in her heart.
      Grandfather told the matchmaker to ask Tian Bao to sing love song to Cui Cui, which was a tradition in Western Hunan to win a girl’s heart.
      When the brothers realized that both of them liked Cui Cui, they decided to go together and sung in turn to Cui Cui at night at the river bank opposite Cui Cui’s house to see who she liked. But after Luo Song had sung, Tian Bao knew that he was in no comparison to his brother and thus left without even trying to sing. Cui Cui was asleep when Luo Song was singing but a sweet singing sound raised her up to the sky in her dream.
      Leaving “Cha Dong” in despair, Tian Bao sailed down the river and was drowned. Grandfather felt that Shun Shun and Luo Song somehow put the blame on him for Tian Bao’s death. He tried a few times to hint to Luo Song that it was him that Cui Cui liked. Though Luo Song still liked Cui Cui, there was no breakthrough in their relationship due to a series of misunderstanding. Eventually, Luo Song decided to leave “Cha Dong” as well.
      Worrying about Cui Cui’s future and working hard under the heating sun, grandfather got sick and finally died on a stormy night.
      After grandfather’s death, Cui Cui took up the responsibility of handling the sampan. Not knowing all that happened to the two brothers, she kept on waiting for Luo Song to come back to “Cha Dong”. He may never come back again, or, maybe he will be back tomorrow…