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Drama - Completed 1998

A lonely young aristocrat in turn-of-the-century England, falls in love with a woman his father will never approve of.

    • Year of production
    • 1998
    • Genres
    • Drama, Historical, Romance
    • Countries
    • Unknown
    • Duration
    • 0 mn
    • Synopsis
    • A lonely young aristocrat (Jared Leto) in turn-of-the-century England returns from Oxford University to the home of his over-bearing, class-conscious father (Derek Jacobi). While at falls he is saved by local commoner John Mannion (Christian Slater). Despite his father's disapproval, the two become good friends, perhaps the first real one Basil has ever had. Shortly afterwards he meets, Julia (Claire Forlani) the daughter of a wealthy London merchant, and the two fall in love. Further aggravating his strained relationship with his father, Basil attempts to keep their relationship secret from him, as it would mean being disinherited. As his illicit affair becomes known to his father, Basil is faced with a revelation about his relationship with both John and Julia...