Romance - Completed 2020

A librarian, his wife, and her lover become trapped in a house together and are forced to navigate the chaotic fallout of their indiscretions.

    • Year of production
    • 2020
    • Genres
    • Romance, Comedy
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Director(s)
    • Todd GREEN
    • Synopsis
    • Suspicious of his wife having an affair, Nate sneaks around his house in the middle of the day and installs spy cameras. His worst fears come true, Nina comes home earlier than expected… with another man: Greg. Instead of confronting them however, Nate abandons his spy camera installation and hides in the bedroom, where he endures listening to a long lovemaking session between his wife and her childish lover. Once Nina realizes how late it’s gotten, expecting Nate home any minute from his beloved job at the library, she starts to hurry Greg out the door.

      This allows Nate another opportunity to confront them or slip away undetected, but he chooses neither. He hides again, this time in the garage. And it’s in the garage that Nate overhears that Nina and Greg aren’t just having an affair, but they’re working together on an illegal deal with corrupt politicians to get rid of the library where Nate works. Nate is eventually discovered. So are the spy cameras.

      Fights break out, verbally and physically, and all three are forced to try and sit down to have a calm dinner together… all in order to confront the indiscretions and try to figure out what Nate might’ve heard about the library deal. In one contentious and chaotic evening, alliances shift, plans change, and love attempts to overcome disaster. Greg fights to have Nina all to himself, Nina fights to stay with Nate, and Nate fights to understand what Nina would see in an idiot like Greg in the first place.