By Eiichiro HASUMI

PONY CANYON INC - as SALES All rights, World

Comedy - Completed 2016

Farewell, UT (Un-killable Teacher)
Graduation season is here!
The tearful, fateful drama will shock you and delight you in the spring of 2016!
“I hope you can kill me by graduation. He he he.”

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Comedy, Drama, Action/Adventure
    • Countries
    • JAPAN
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 118 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Eiichiro HASUMI
    • Synopsis
    • For unknown reasons, a mysterious octopus-like creature, a.k.a. “UT” (Un-killable Teacher), appears at Kunugigaoka Middle School as the new teacher in charge of a class of “flunkies” and announces that he will destroy the earth in one year’s time.
      The second semester begins, and only six months remain until doomsday. While the students of Class 3-E enjoy a brief respite after the busy school festival, a new assassin emerges -- one of their own classmates, Kaede Kayano. She points a black tentacle at UT and says, “I’m Aguri Yukimura’s younger sister. You know what that means!” The students are shocked by Kayano’s announcement.
      UT finally begins divulging his past. “I was once an assassin named ‘Shinigami…’”
      The final semester begins, and the schoolyard is covered in snow. The shocking revelation of UT’s tragic past creates a rift in the classroom. What course should they take? “Assassination” or “salvation?” Meanwhile, the final phase of the “UT Assassination Strategy” is being implemented on a national level. Which path will Nagisa and the students of Class 3-E decide to follow?
      What will become of the earth? Will they even be able to graduate??

      “I hope you can kill me by graduation. He he he.”