Martial arts - Pre-Production 2015

Two fighters, three fights - win 1 million or die!
3 Dragons is an organisation of the world`s best free fighters – the hardest, most brutal bouts on the planet, maybe even ending in death. Major injuries are common and „no rules“ apart from a decisive victory.

    • Year of production
    • 2015
    • Genres
    • Martial arts, Action/Adventure
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Duration
    • 95 mn
    • Writer(s)
    • Britta SUMMER
    • Producer(s)
    • Britta SUMMER (summerized-media)
    • Synopsis
    • VINCE WHEELER trained hard; once weakly, VINCE ist now a seasoned fighter. VINCE aims to claim the 3 Dragons title. 3 Dragons is an organisation of the world`s best free fighters – the hardest, most brutal bouts on the planet, maybe even ending in death. Major injuries are common and „no rules“ apart from a decisive victory. These illegial fights are the most violent and lucrative there have ever been: the purse is one million dollars. The members-only fights are held at ever-changing secret locations, drawing large crowds. Huge sums are bet on each fight, including online.
      VINCE is TYLER´s next challenger and opponent. A complicated personal history between the two adds extra spice to the fight – VINCE cannot stop thinking of how TYLER raped his siters. Whenever VINCE thinks of TYLER, his rage surfaces. His only desire is to destroy TYLER, extract his revence, and finally lay his guilt to rest.
      TYLER on the other hand represses all memory of the rape. Fighting has become his life, „3 Dragons“ ist part of him. He is the favourite and main attraction; his style of fighting the most effective. His manager, MR. V loves the way he fights, but knows no mercy should TYLER lose. He demands a complete and decisive victory every fight. TYLER does not yet know who his upcoming opponent really is, not suspecting that VINCE is the wakly neighbourhood kid he once knew.
      GRACE is in a relationship with KADIR MURAFSKI, known as „the Arab“. KADIR works for MR. V and operates „3 Dragons“. He ensures that everything runs smoothly, going to all lengths to do so: violence, extortion, blackmail, bribing the police – anything at all. After all, „3 Dragons“ is a multi-dollar business.
      When GRACE finds out that her brother wants to compete in the „3 Dragons“, she tries everything to stop him. LOnly she, her brother and TYLER know about her past rape. VINCE ignores his sisters`s pleas and shows up for the fight against TYLER. The crowd is driven into a frenzy by unsurpassed intensity and brutality of the fight. During the fight, VINCE takes an unbelievable beating. TYLER is simply fighting better, moving quicker, without emotion – strictly buiness as usual.
      VINCE is losing the fiht. GRACE ist present (forced to attend the fith at KADIR`s side). She can only handle the sight of her beaten, injured brother by numbing herself with alcohol, drugs and pills. Badly beaten, injured and agony, VINCE prepares for the second fight. His anger drives him on, making him train harder than ever before. This time he ist not going to quit.
      GRACE is devasted and arranges a meeting with TYLER to prevent the second fight. Only now does TYLER discovers the true identity of his opponent, and who the girl (GRACE) at KADIR`s side is. As usual, TYLER displays no emotions. VINCE on the other hand is almost losing it as he struggles to control his hate – a crucial error for a fighter. KADIR has heard of the secret meeting, but he does not know the reason behind it, reacitng with blind rage toward GRACE.
      MR. V sends GRACE a brutal warning shortly beore the second fight. He does not want to risk the fight with so money riding on it.
      The second fight is even bloodier and more brutal than the first. VINCE is giving his opponent a hard beating, TYLER is getting weaker as the fight goes on, he can no longer hold back his emotions. The past is finally catching up with him. TYLER feels guilty and cannot distinguish the fight and his emotions. Like an animal, VINCE beats TYLEr into submission.
      The training for the third fight begins. Both determined to win, the fighters train hard. VINCE`s doctor advises VINCE against participating in another fight. He believes that VINCE`s leg may be permanently crippled. TYLER is feeling the pressure from KADIR MURAFSKI to win the all important fight. MR. V and „The Arab“ discuss the issue. MR. V is fully prepared to have VINCE taken out during the fight- the stakes are too high. KADIR puts pressure on VINCE to trhow the fith and informs VINCE of the dangers facing his beloved sister if he does not lose. VINCE is furious and wants to speak to GRACE. He cannot understand why GRACE is together with KADIR, events from the past that have not yet been discussed are now surfacing. Enraged, GRACE has VINCE removed from the house. VINCE shows up for the fight. He no longer cares what will hapen to his sister – he wants to fight and prove he is no longer a wakling. Both fighrs give their all, brutal blows are delivered by both sides. Bruised beaten bodies. MR. V gives the instruction to take VINCe out and ensure that TYLER wins. BEfore his people can do anything, TYLER collapses to the ground and reamains lying there, unmoving.
      TYLEr has paid his dues, giving GRACE and VINCE a new chance at life. The referee calls for a doctor, shaking his head sadly.
      VINCe has won, but feels no pleasure. He is shocked that the revenge and destruction he sought for so long, has given him so little satisfaction. He is overcome with sadness. GRACE sits silent, motionless, with tears streaming. Everybody assumes TYLER`s death – but is he really death?
    • Partners & financing
    • final finance required
    • Production schedule
    • Development done
      Pre-Promotion Cannes Film Festival 2014
      Pre-Sales now
      Pre-Production planned Nov 2012 – March 2013
      Shooting planned March – June 2013
      Post Production planned May – August 2013
      Premiere tbd
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Apr 01, 2015