1% MAN


Comedy - Completed 2016

How do you find love when the odds are overwhelmingly in your favor?

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Comedy, Romance, Science-fiction
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
    • Synopsis
    • 1% Man is set in modern day Johannesburg after a deadly virus, that affects only
      men, has destroyed 99% of the world’s male population. Now, 10 years after a cure
      has been found, economies have stabilized and the world resembles modern day
      2015, except for one major difference… there are about 100 women to every 1 man.
      The upside is that there’s no war in the Middle East, poverty is eradicated and
      women have solved global warming… sounds great, right? The flip side is that as a
      heterosexual woman, how do you navigate your biological nature to love, partner up
      and pro-create with the opposite gender, when you’ve more chance of being struck
      by lightning than bagging that elusive “one.” On the other hand, if you’re a man, you
      just hit the jackpot! Or have you? Sure you can score a date any day of the week but
      you’re also increasingly treated like an object, mandated to donate sperm, and only
      able to watch women playing your favorite sports.
      It’s in this ultimate role-reversal world that we meet Tom, Jo’burg’s most eligible
      bachelor. Tom finds solace in his “band of four” – a self-support group of men who
      have gone to great lengths to “find each other” in this arid landscape of missing
      masculinity. Which is just as well, because it enables Tom to justify his “service to
      women”. Hired by well-meaning mothers, sisters and friends, he tailor-makes the
      perfect “accidental date” for unaware females who might otherwise never have had a
      man fall in love with them in their lifetime. The women get a neatly packaged fantasy
      and Tom gets to make a lot of money whilst living out his skewed ideology that true
      love can’t really exist in a world where you never know if a woman is with you
      because she loves you or just because you have both an X and Y chromosome.
      But when Tom starts working on his next target, Rachel – a high profile talk show
      host, single mother, and the poster child for feminism – things don’t go as usual.
      Their unexpected connection shocks both of them to the core. However, when
      Rachel discovers that Tom is a “dating” fraudster she vows to bring him down,
      wounded by both her own visceral, sexual reaction to their encounter, and her
      gullibility for this romance prankster.
      Pamela, Tom’s handler, brokers a deal whereby Tom will take Rachel behind the veil
      and reveal his womanizing tactics in exchange for anonymity. But the more time they
      spend together, the more Tom and Rachel, against all odds and their own principles,
      begin to fall in love. Tom’s eyes begin to open to a life on the other side of the genderfence, especially when he gets closer to Rachel’s teenage daughter and sees the
      world that awaits her.
      In a world of mandatory sperm banks, female rugby, support groups for men and
      arranged female partnerships, can Tom realize the clichéd romance he’s been selling
      is not going to cut it with Rachel? Can Rachel sift through Tom’s lies and risk getting
      her heart broken again?