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Founded in 2011 as a sister company of Generation Blue Films, 'rainbow factory' is the first and only film production and distribution company in Korea, devoting itself to the production, importation, and distribution of queer films. Rainbow is not only the symbol of dream and wish, but also an icon of six colors representing the queer. 'rainbow factory' will show the queer films having full of its own characters like colors of rainbow to audiences.Keeping the idea that the harmonization of the six colors makes the rainbow complete in mind, 'rainbow factory' will become the “dream factory” which will spread the precious value of understanding and coexisting with one another to the audience.


'rainbow factory' has three goals in Berlinale 2012. 1. Looking for well made films with queer elements. - when your company has well made new films with queer elements which will be introduced in Rotterdam or Beriln, then please do not hesitate to tell me anytime. 2. Introduction of new queer film - , Director 'KIM JHO Gwang-soo's first feature film of 'rainbow factory', was cranked- up 7th January 2012 and now in post-production. We will do our best to show you the screener or some special scenes or brochure at least of at our meeting in Rotterdam or Berlin. 3. International Co-Production - 'rainbow factory' prepared second feature film of Director KIM JHO Gwang-soo, . It was selected in APM(Asia Project Market) of BIFF 2011(Busan International Film Festival). We organize the scene list now and will have a discussion by first scenario of at the end of this month. In Rotterdam and Berlinale, I am looking for some company in abroad who has willing to co-production or investment on . Thus, I think that if you have any interest on , or have well made new Queer films in your company, then our meeting will be more meaningful for both of our business.