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The Greek Film Centre (GFC) is an active entity, since its establishment (in 1970 under the name “General Film Investments”, as a subsidiary production company of a state bank, the Greek Industrial Development Bank), until today. Today, its legal form is that of a public benefit non-profit legal entity, established under private law, which is supervised by the Minister of Culture and Sports, according to the Law N. 3905/23.12.2010 (GGHR 219/Α/23.12.2010), regarding the “Support and Development of Cinematographic Art and other provisions”. This law annulled the former legal form of the GFC as an anonymous company. In addition to that, the GFC belongs to the State, under the sense of achieving a state or public purpose, as well regarding its supervision. The GFC is regularly funded by state resources (specifically from the Ministry of Culture and Sport) for at least 50% of its annual budget. According to the Law N. 3899/2010 (GGHR 212/A), the Greek Film Centre is submitted to the application of the Chapter A΄ of Law N. 3429/2005 - Public Businesses and Organizations, as a legal entity established under private law, that is submitted to the General Government, according to paragraph 2, of article 1B of Law N. 2362/1995 (GGHR 247/A) The administrative organs of the GFC, based on law N. 3905/2010, are the Board of Directors (seven members) and the General Director. They are designated by the Minister of Culture, and their service is 3-year long, with an option of renewal. The GFC organizes and operates the following Directorates (based on the Law N. 3905/2010): a) Development and Production, b) Hellenic Film Commission, c) Promotion (Hellas Film), d) Financial and Administrative Support. A self-contained Legal Department also operates in the GFC. Today the GFC is the main institution that exercises cinematic policy in Greece. Its main goals are: a) The protection, support and development of film production in Greece, b) The promotion and diffusion of Greek film productions, both domestically and internationally, c) The promotion of Greece abroad as an appropriate location for filming cinematic and audiovisual productions, as well as the attraction of foreign cinematic and audiovisual productions in Greece, in general. The GFC aims to protect and develop the production of cinematographic art in Greece, by applying the following practices: - Increase of investments from the local and foreign market- Attraction of foreign productions and co-productions- Increase of extroversion in Greek production- Reinforcement of new creators- Development of cinematic education in Greece- Transparency and efficacy in administration