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GDH 559 CO., LTD.

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GDH 559 Co., Ltd. is a fully integrated film production studio in Thailand that formed as a joint venture between GMM Grammy Public Company Limited and Hub Ho Hin Bangkok Company Limited. There are 59 shareholders consisting of industry executives, directors, actors and company employees; hence the number ‘59’. The 559 also represents the date and year of the company’s incorporation - the 5th of January 2559 B.E. (2016)GDH stands for ‘Gross Domestic Happiness’, which refers to our philosophy of measuring the success of a film by how happy it makes our audience rather than its financial success at the box office.GDH559 aims to create unique and globally appealing content by elevating the quality of Thai films and TV series to a world-class level, and in doing so, creating smiles, laughter, pleasure, and greater gross happiness to the audience.