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Filmdelights is an innovative world sales company for classical (theatrical, TV, Pay TV, DVD, VOD, AIRLINES) and digital film distribution.With passion for differently and well-told stories, sensibility and humour, we believe in films that increase awareness in various ways. Customized cross-marketing and distribution strategies support our goal to exploit the optimal commercial potential of each individual film.Since 2011 we also work as a national distributor in Austria.


SIGNS OF WAR Pierre Crom reports. In 2014, the photojournalist traveled to Ukraine to document the imminent conflict on the eastern border. THE INVESTIGATOR Former investigator of The Hague Tribunal returns to the Balkans, to places where the war crimes were committed nearly 30 years ago. Can justice be brought from the outside? FRAGILE MEMORY Soviet cinematographer Leonid Burlaka worked at Odessa Film Studio in the 60s on dozens of films that have travelled the world. Today he’s in his 80s and diagnosed with Alzheimer's. As his memory fades away, his grandson and young filmmaker, Igor follows the tracks that Leonid left behind via film rolls, homemade videos, letters and forgotten friends.