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In a cinema dominated by big companies, EGYPT FILMS is defined one of the most independent and rebel voices in Arab cinema. Our ingredients are: new stories, innovative ways of storytelling, breaking Middle east taboos, co-production with international partners who want the whole WORLD better , focusing on east-west dialogue issues. Our last film production have been supported by many international funds and received a number of awards. Our up-coming productions are 3 movies about very delicate and high priority issues.Developing VOD and internet download markets in the Middle east and creating new cinema presentations in Africa. We have a great experience in helping the shooting of European films in Egypt.


Trying to give the chance to a new generation of filmmakers to dream out of the box in order to build a real New Egyptian cinema.We work also to make movies that awake the conscious of Egyptian and Arab people, and movies that cooperate for the mutual understanding between the West world and the Arabs and Muslims. We help to distribute libraries of more than 1000 Egyptian and Arab classical and modern movies to the VOD, Dvd,Paid Television specialized in World Cinema brand. One of our main targets is to encourage international movies to be shot in Egypt to profit from the exceptional variety of locations ( desert,oasis,coasts,rural...etc),and the non expensive salaries of cast and crew and old traditions of filmmaking.