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Distribution : Theatrical, TV, World, FRANCE


CINÉTÉVÉ, an independent audio-visual production company, has been active for more than 25 years. Fabienne SERVAN SCHREIBER, its owner and president to this day, founded the company in 1982.CINÉTÉVÉ has three mains areas of activity :- International Feature Film Co-Production- TV dramas, primarily for prime time broadcasting- Feature length Documentaries, mainly on social, political, cultural or educational topicsCINÉTÉVÉ, has found its rightful place in the industry with 7 Feature films as per 2010 and 600 hrs of programming available.CINÉTÉVÉ derives its richness and vitality from this diversity and from its decision to produce documentaries and more personal creations as well as or series aimed at a broader TV audience.CINÉTÉVÉ's productions regularly receive praise from their audience, from the press and at festivals.While CINÉTÉVÉ works on a regular basis with all of the French TV channels, its closest market, it also cooperates regularly with the international mar


Cineteve is currently presenting on the Markets 3 English language features film projects aiming at international distribution : - "Marburg" directed by multiple Award winning Isabel Coixet . - "Promise at dawn " based upon the best selling book by Novelist Romain Gary.Juliette Binoche has given her approval to perform in the Movie and we are heading towards an english adaptation. - "Violins of the world", a presentation of the violin as a magical instrument ( such a project had initially been a dream expressed by Yehudi Menuhin) The story will be pictured by a master story teller , Tony Gatlif, musician and director ( "Gadjo Dilo" ," Transylvania" ) recognized by numerous French "Cesars" and prizes in Cannes (including the closure Ceremony). It will mix through a whirlwind of images and tales around all continents live performances of some of the best "virtuosos" and picturesque descriptions of the locations bound to the sound of its music. We are open to European or Canadian co-productions including minority co-productions