Cinando Screeners

Invite in a click

  • Send screener invites to anyone
  • Choose if your invitees can share your screeners with colleagues
  • Set expiration dates
  • Create screener bundles to send several films at once
  • Send invitation links from your personal mailbox

Cinando Invite for smartphone

Go Premium !

  • DRM security protects against piracy
  • Non-removable individual watermark
  • High-speed upload
  • Full HD option (1080p)
  • Smooth viewing worldwide

Cinando Screeners for Android and iPad apps

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Basic Premium

Advanced privacy settings

Restrict screener viewing access to categories of Cinando users i.e. distributors, sales agents, festival programmers and Europa cinema members or hide your screener at any time. You can also limit the viewing to an upon request access, assign a filter based on available territories.

Advanced statistics

See exactly who viewed your screener and when, with the precise duration of each viewing.

Unlimited storage space

Multi device compatibility

Viewing is available through all main browsers as well as android devices and TV screens through airplay or chrome cast.

Screener invites

Send screener invites to anyone, set sharing settings, create screener invite bundles and more…

Cinando invites for smartphone

Have easy access to your Cinando invites through Cinando Invite, our shortcut for smartphones: quickly send invites, create bundles and copy short links.

Free trial

DRM security

Encryption technology to ensure the security of your screener against piracy.

High-speed upload

Choose the region closest to you to allow faster uploads.

Full HD option (1080p)

Smooth viewing worldwide

Our adaptive player adjusts to your bandwith for optimal smooth streaming.

Android and iPad viewing (online & offline)

View your screener invites online & offline through the Cinando Screeners for Android and iPad apps for free in the playstore and appstore!

Price per upload

Free SD: 17€
Full HD: 35€

Use and storage

5€/year* Unlimited**

* Mp4 invite cost an extra-fee of 1.20€ per invitation sent

** We keep your screener on Cinando for 1 and a half year guaranteed. Then we reserve the right to remove it if you don't use it for more than 6 months.

Select the premium option when you upload a screener in 'my data'