con dirección de Inger GARCIA


Medio ambiente - Production 2019

& Premios

Cannes 2014
Fort Lauderdale International 2014
Open Reel Winner
    • Año de producción
    • 2019
    • Géneros
    • Medio ambiente, Social issues, Documental
    • Paises
    • Idiomas
    • Presupuesto
    • 0 - 0.3 M$
    • Duración
    • 15 mn
    • Directores
    • Inger GARCIA
    • Productores
    • Inger GARCIA, Wing ARMSTRONG
    • Sinopsis
    • What is this $Trillion baby all about? Cannabis, Hemp Oil, THC, and CBD, Marijuana. The directors are a 30 year practicing Attorney in Florida and America and an Investigative Journalist.

      The 15-minute Documentary is to explain in easy terms (a sort of idiot’s guide) what this gigantic Cannabis, Hemp and CBD industry is all about and how it is still not too late to make your fortune. It gives you a peek into this extraordinary industry growth which is growing at a huge rate even as I even blink my eyes a tremendous amount of of deals are being made in the Billions, soon to be Trillions. At least know what you are missing and the huge mistakes you can make if you risk getting into the business or investing unwisely. This industry is not going to stop whether it is environmentally friendly or not. It’s on a roll so you might want to get on for the ride of a lifetime and at least not be taken by surprise.

      As far as patients or other users, it demonstrates the incredible medical health benefits including pain relief from PTSD, Cancer, Injuries, Anxiety, sleep disorders, and numerous other serious ailments.

      We present the legal status (at least today) and the constant and quick changes going on in the industry. We also give an idea that only a few made the real money, as in the ‘Gold Rush’ and this is considered the ‘Green Rush’, Suggesting the audience be careful and wise.