Comedy - Development 2012

Aaron is staking his career on a high risk, high stakes gamble. Can he outmanoeuvre the masters of the corporate universe and drive his brilliant idea through every obstacle lining the corporate battlefield? Or will he succeed in recognising a prize of far greater value?

    • Year of production
    • 2012
    • Genres
    • Comedy
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 5 - 10 M$
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
    • Synopsis
    • It’s London 1999. Swept up in the frenzy. Aaron Cooper, an under appreciated,
      middle ranking executive has a genius commercial idea for a mobile sports game. He
      wants to bring it to his company, Trent Mobile. And nobody is listening to him.
      His brother, Daniel, gives him Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’ and, whilst Aaron is not
      blessed with a great philosophical intellect, he is determined to persevere with the 15th
      century thesis. All help - gratefully received.
      Aaron’s boss at Trent. Jeff Green, tells him to email his weighty proposal. After crashing
      the company’s entire computer system, Aaron’s boss, is now keen to demote him.
      Things start to look up when Susie Grand, a high flying consultant at Trent, seduces
      Aaron. Aaron uses the setting of high octane sex to encourage Susie to come on board.
      And he also persuades programming genius, Tiger Evans, an old university alumni, to
      attend his new company, Popcorn’s, inaugural meeting. The beginning of something
      monumental in the telecommunications field is about to be unleashed.
      Or not.
      Susie doesn’t turn up, Tiger Evans pulls out, and, after finding out he is being demoted to
      another department, Aaron is a man incensed, fuelled with an energy he cannot channel.
      A chance meeting with Pran Biswas, programmer and kushti wrestler, reignites Aaron’s
      dormant scheme. Pran agrees to write the software for Aaron’s mobile game. Armed
      with new impetus, Aaron embarks on a high risk, high stakes Machiavellian strategy to
      ensure his dream becomes a reality.
      Game on.
      Aaron entices Green to take a presentation from Popcorn,. Unable to persuade Tiger or
      Daniel to front as Popcorn’s VP of software development, he turns again to Pran. Pran is
      delighted. After 3 years of struggle, Pran’s dreams of success as a newly arrived migrant
      from India are finally coming true.
      Shelpa, Pran’s wife, watches her husband work throughout the nights, designing Aaron’s
      programme. Shelpa wants to return home but she sees how hard her husband is working
      for them. For her. And she loves him for it. He is her very own Bollywood hero.
      Green instructs Aaron to bring in other gaming suppliers to pitch along with Popcorn.
      Aaron meets with (his) competitors and skilfully passes them information that will blow
      any competitive bids to Popcorn out of the water.
      Day before Popcorn’s presentation, a key supplier of ring tones for Trent’s, James
      Barsley from Maxi Entertainment, is in town and Aaron senses an opportunity for Pran
      to practise being a corporate animal. A meeting, heavily centred on kushti wrestling, is
      almost as disastrous as Pran’s games programme for Popcorn’s imminent presentation.
      Aaron and Pran work intensively through the night. By morning they are ready for the
      morning meeting.
      Despite a number of faux pas and misunderstandings, Aaron steers Popcorn’s meeting
      with Trent to success and they agree to move forward. Green instructs Aaron to arrange a
      series of one on one’s with the Trent team – Trot (high flying executive extraordinaire),
      Veck (tricky lawyer) and Holmes (exacting finance director)
      Aaron gives Pran a crash course in modern management techniques AKA insider
      information AKA executive manipulation.
      Annette works in Enzo’s café AKA Aaron’s Executive Office AKA Popcorn’s Meeting
      Room. She watches him fight for his dream and her admiration for his determination
      and drive is developing into an attraction. And, for the first time, as he waits for the Trent
      meetings to take place, Aaron notices this bright, kind and supportive girl.
      All is to be going exactly to plan with the Trent one on one’s until Pran mentions Susie
      Grand’s involvement. Aaron hasn’t, actually, on purpose, fessed up to Pran that Susie
      or Tiger Evans, aren’t part of Popcorn’s grand scheme. Thinking fast, Aaron persuades
      Shelpa to double for Susie Grand, Popcorn’s Bangladeshi born accountant. Finally the
      prep, the meetings, the mistakes and the retakes pay off. Trent orders the prototype from
      A fax arrives from Trent Mobile to J Barsley, Maxi Entertainment. Marked Private and
      Trot encourages Green to visit Popcorn’s operation before signing off is completed. A
      demented Aaron, needs an office, equipment and some staff:- Now! At breakneck pace
      he manages, with Annette’s help, to find and create a viable working space. Green and
      Trot visit. Everything in order. Aaron has succeeded. Just.
      The final hurdle is testing the prototype programme using Trent’s server. Clandestinely.
      Aaron and Pran sneak into Trent at night and, barring one near fatal meeting between
      Pran and a Trent exec he met before, the two successfully test run the mobile game.
      Daniel reveals to Aaron that Pran is getting heat from his wife to go back home and
      Aaron has been getting increasingly probing questions from Pran about Popcorn’s
      management, which Aaron has been concocting from his imagination. Aaron decides
      that Maxi Entertainment’s recent invitation to Pran, to visit them in Dallas would be the
      perfect opportunity to placate any further questions about the veracity of Popcorn.
      Trent tests the prototype. Green, Trot and all are impressed. A done deal.
      Not quite.
      A rival bid from Maxi Games has been received. Maxi Games, an offshoot, start up from
      Maxi Entertainment. Green wants Popcorn to re-present in parallel with the new bid.
      Aaron tries to get hold of Pran who is being looked after by James Barsley together with
      a number of attractive women (not executives of Maxi’s new games division) and large
      quantities of J&D.
      In a drunken deluge of affection, Pran calls his wife to tell her how much he loves her.
      At the same time, a woman is removing prototype software from Pran’s hotel room. At
      the same time Aaron is desperately trying to reach Pran.
      Pran, finally home, is contacted by Aaron to do one final meeting against the rival bidder,
      Maxi Games for the Trent mobile game contract. Pran is horrified. Could he? Would
      he? Did he give anything away?
      The Trent Meeting. Everyone on Trent’s executive team is there including Susie Grand.
      Pran pitches first. He is brilliant but, as Susie pushes for more details, Popcorn’s delivery
      strategy unravels. Barsley is also impressive. So Aaron sets up his largest corporate
      missile in asking to see Maxi’s prototype. Barsley produces the identical games software
      as Popcorn’s.
      Innuendos are made, accusations fly, insults flung. It’s looking bad for Popcorn when
      Susie publicly exposes Aaron’s ‘extra-managerial’ activities. The ground under Aaron’s
      feet is opening to a wide chasm. Until Trot reveals that both Susie and he have been in
      the pay of Maxi, that Susie seduced Aaron to get information and that Trot passed on
      Popcorn information to Maxi.
      Pran’s anger boils over and he wrestles Barsley to the ground. A Kushti Master V A
      Suit. Suffice it to say, Barsley will be sitting very uncomfortably for some time. Pran
      now agrees with Shelpa – its time to go home.
      Aaron walks the streets. Everything has failed. His great idea, his vision, his future. He
      walks past Enzo’s and there sees something really valuable. Annette. Success!
      12 months later. Aaron receives an envelope. A financial magazine. On the front cover,
      Pran Biswas smiling above the caption ‘ to’, Pran’s mobile gaming
      programme is a huge success in India. Also inside, a cheque for £1m. He and a heavily
      pregnant Annette smile.
    • Partners & financing
    • Director,Exec Producer
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Sep 01, 2011