By Michael GRIGSBY

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Documentary - Completed 2012

1970: British director Michael Grigsby makes an award winning documentary, the very first film about veterans returning home from the Vietnam War. 2010: He returned to Texas to reflect on their individual stories and finds painful resonances with those returning home today from Afghanistan and Iraq.

    • Year of production
    • 2012
    • Genres
    • Documentary
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    • Duration
    • 76 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Michael GRIGSBY
    • Synopsis
    • We Went to War (2011) returns to the stories of three Americans, veterans of the Vietnam conflict - now aged and scarred by lives lived far too brutally, far too young. It finds a deep sense of bitterness on behalf of their today’s veterans – whom they view with a shared sense of recognition and silent understanding.
      The act of war, particularly so in the last hundred years, has become one of the biggest question marks to be written against the word humanity: highlighting in the starkest of ways, man’s heinous insistence on being victor over itself at all costs. In talking of war, war becomes universal and when individuals talk of being participants in war – they are in general talking of themselves as the universal soldier.
      Today, that same universal soldier is represented by service men and women from over 38 countries, those personnel returning from Afghanistan to homelands all across Europe, America, Australia, Canada. Too many are making the journey home in body bags… greater numbers may physically survive but by proxy many have and will become ‘post conflict victims’, those who may strategically win every battle in the field and make it home alive, but too often fall to the ongoing conflict in minds exposed to the utter brutality of warfare; mental battles which may in fact never be won and in many instance are lost in the struggle to return to a previous normality.
      Praise for Michael Grigsby – Director
      TIME OUT – “One of Britain’s finest documentarists”
      THE INDEPENDENT – “His films are landmarks… from Girgsby back to Grierson runs an unbroken tradition in British documentary making: a passionate commitment to the poetry of everyday life.”
      THE TIMES – “The seminal documentarist..”
      THE GUARDIAN – “I won’t say Michael Grigsby is too good for television. He might believe me and leave it. But he surely shines among the surrounding shoddy. The style of a good director is such that you do not need a credit title. You know. A Grigsby has a unique sense of stillness which is, paradoxically, most moving.”
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