Social issues - Post-Production 2015

An couple on the verge of divorce take a vacation to work on their failing marriage and are abducted out of their resort. They soon find themselves victims to an illegal organ harvester ring with the husbands kidney already extracted. They must now put away their differences and work together.

    • Year of production
    • 2015
    • Genres
    • Social issues, Thriller
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 0 - 0.3 M$
    • Duration
    • 120 mn
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    • Synopsis
    • When Richard Carson, an unassuming electrician wakes up in a tub of ice, in a motel room somewhere in Mexico. His wife Dr. Jane Carson is missing and he is the victim of organ harvesting and his kidney has been taken.

      After some investigation, it’s revealed that his wife is being held in the motel room next to his. Only being able to communicate through a vent and a small hole in the wall, they must use the items in the room to survive. In the struggle beforehand, Jane has dropped her purse in Richard’s room and inside is her prescription for codeine and her cell phone.

      While there is no phone reception in his room, they pass the phone thought he vent and the reception in her room works fine. And they call 911 and trace the cell phone. As they wait, we find out that Richard was having an affair. This was the beginning of the downfall in their marriage.

      Richard’s kidney surgery is faulty and he has massive internal bleeding. He must repair the surgery himself or he’ll die. Jane, talks him through it. When she is done, Richard goes back to the bath and passes out.

      We then discover a dreaded secret. Jane calls Gomez. She has put a hit on her husband, but they ended up getting kidnapped before they could fulfill on the deal. Gomez tells her that they has decided to kill two birds with one stone and harvest his organs for extra money.

      Jane would have never agreed if she were to be witness to. Unfortunately things are in motion. They are also bringing the surgeon back to harvest his heart. It’s been sold and unless they can properly harvest the heart, they will be out a lot of money. More than she paid for the hit.

      When the surgeon returns, she tries to talk him out of it. The Surgeon tries to escape but is shot, but before he dies, he takes out his guard.

      Richard wakes and he finds the surgeon’s phone and tries to negotiate for his life. His organs have already been sold. Not knowing his and Jane’s deal, Richard bargains for the release of his wife and he will go willingly. Gomez tells him the truth.

      Richard confronts Jane. Jane tells him that she has gambling problems and his life insurance will cover her debt.

      Richard, now using his skill as an electrician booby-traps the bathroom so that when they come for him, they will be electrocuted.

      Jane has a change of heart and will go in his place. They can take her heart. When Gomez arrives, he has other plans. They couldn’t find a replacement surgeon and she is being forced to perform on her own husband. They threaten her life unless she does it.

      She walks to the tub where Richard is sitting. Gomez convinces her that he will pay off her debt and unless she does the deed. She takes the easy way out and kills Richard ending up becoming their surgeon until her debt is paid off.
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