Action/Adventure - Development 2012

What if it were your child?

    • Year of production
    • 2012
    • Genres
    • Action/Adventure
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    • Budget
    • 0.3 - 0.6 M$
    • Writer(s)
    • Dana ZIYASHEVA
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    • [Un] Wanted
      Registered at THE WRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA WEST under no. 1487229.
      On a cold winter night, an airplane from Paris lands at the Almaty airport. One of the passengers is Arman, a 9-year-old boy with blond hair and green eyes. Alone, with no parents in sight, he quickly attracts the attention of the air hostesses and border control officers. Even though the boy speaks only French, he carries a Kazakhstani passport and the address of an orphanage in Almaty.
      Alma, the 38-year-old, beautiful and single director of the orphanage, recognizes in Arman one of her former boarders, the love child of a Russian woman and a Kazakh man, abandoned at birth. At the age of 3, Arman was adopted by a French family and taken to Paris, where he grew up as a normal French child… until his adoptive father put him on the plane back to Kazakhstan. When Alma calls Pierre Godard, Arman’s adoptive father in Paris, he accuses the orphanage of “fraud.” He has discovered that Arman has the rarest blood type, called “Bombay,” which can be found in just one individual in 4 million. If something happens to Arman, the transfusion of any other type of blood would be fatal!
      Protected from external influences, the orphanage’s boarders enjoy material comfort but suffer from a deficit of love. Imprisoned in the emotional solitude and close living quarters, the children choose Vlad, an athletic 17-year-old hunk, as their authority, or “avtoritet,” and obey him in all circumstances, even when he makes them steal and beg. Vlad rules the orphanage with the help of his clan, which includes Dimon, Bakha, Sashok, Krez and Vasilya. Alma, who lacks staff to maintain order in the orphanage, promises Vlad the position of superintendent, once he graduates from school. Meanwhile, the clan harasses newbie Arman non-stop day and night in order to mold him into a quiet, obedient member of the community. The only one who helps Arman to remember his native Kazakh language and coaches him to survive in the orphanage is Leila, his pretty classmate.
      To establish himself in the community of orphans, Arman must fight the ferocious Vasilya, and then 16-year-old mountain-like Bakha before confronting all members of Vlad’s clan on the roof of the orphanage. However, instead of Arman, the clan mistakenly throws another kid off of the roof. To hide the wrong-doing, the clan burns the corpse and makes a deal with Arman, offering acceptance in exchange for his silence. The newbie becomes part of the clan.
      The rich American Simon and his girlfriend Inga are touched by the story of Arman broadcast by local and international media. However, the authorities have decided to reinforce the rules of adoption of Kazakhstani children by foreigners, in order to avoid a repeat of Arman’s case. Inga uses her hypnosis skills on Alma to coerce the director of the orphanage into signing documents necessary to pass Arman to them. But some children crash into the director’s office, inadvertently foiling this plan.
      In front of the Green Bazaar in the center of Almaty, a police patrol catches Arman with his hand in the purse of an elderly lady, and arrests him. In the police department, Alma hears an unpleasant truth about her work and her boarders from the exasperated police officers, who she in turn blames for wrongfully indicting her pupils to increase their percentage of solved crimes. The visit to the police makes Alma reflect about the motivation behind the actions of her lover, Vlad. Afraid that Vlad wants to see her demise so he can take over her position, she introduces a new figure into the game: the gym teacher Givi.
      Masculine and strict Givi does not escape Alma’s notice, and certainly impresses the kids. To re-establish the order, Givi splits Vlad’s clan by playing on the pent-up irritation of clan members against their leader’s selfish and despotic character. The brightest and strongest kids — such as Arman, Bakha, Krez and Sashok — form Team Givi. He takes them for a hike through the Tian-Shan Mountains, a favorite pastime of the local sports community. In the mountains a strange volunteer called Simon joins them. He speaks on his satellite phone constantly and even high in the mountains can be seen scribbling in his notebook.
      The steep mountain slopes, wild rivers and waterfalls turn the hike into a real nightmare. Krez and Sahok fall on the way, but Givi and Simon seem to care only about the physical integrity of Arman. Exposed as pathetic amateurs in the mountains, they argue over which is the shortest route, and then lose the trail, leading Arman and Bakha into a snowstorm. In the white bewilderment, their group splits into two. Givi and Arman save themselves by hiding in a cave, while Simon and Bakha manage to put up a tent under the cliff.
      In the morning, Givi pushes stones down onto the tent, but at the last moment Bakha pulls Simon from under the falling stones. In gratitude, at the first stop on their climb up, Simon pushes Bakha off the rock. When Arman tries to run away from Givi, he throws him into a sleeping bag.
      At the border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, a helicopter lands on a beautiful alpine field. Masked and heavily armed mercenaries leap out of it and establish a security perimeter by chasing away the local shepherds and their cattle. The doctors establish an ambulatory hospital for their one and only patient: a terminally sick billionaire, who urgently needs a blood transfusion of the rarest type—Bombay. The only other bearer of this blood type identified in the world is Arman.
      Givi arrives at the alpine field. He insists that he lost Simon on the way and that according to their last negotiations the price for Arman has doubled. Givi does not know that in the hospital tent, next to the billionaire, sits his only son, Simon.
      The old man is about to die. With the tacit agreement of Simon, the mercenaries transfer funds to Givi’s bank account, and he leads them to the crack in the rock where he hid the sleeping bag with Arman. The doctors hook the dying old billionaire and poor orphan, who agrees “to give a little blood to save the grand-dad,” to the intravenous transfusion system. But as soon as the first drops of Arman’s blood reach him, the billionaire dies in the throes of terrible cramps. The doctors run an express test and announce that Arman’s blood type is not Bombay but A+, the most lethal for the old man!
      Shocked by his father’s death, Simon wants to kill Arman, but he is neutralized by a sniper shot. Emerging out of nowhere, Kazakhstani and French commandos surround the criminals in white gowns. After a short gunfight, in the course of a joint operation between the secret services of the two countries, an international ring of organ traffickers is apprehended and dismantled. The sniper and the commander of the French contingent takes off his mask and turns out to be… Arman’s adoptive father, Pierre Godard!
      Givi runs, but does not get very far. On a mountain path, a lasso thrown by the experienced hand of a nomadic shepherd stops him. When the shepherd takes off his hat, he turns out to be… Bakha. This promising young agent of the Kazakh Committee of Security was incepted into the orphanage to monitor the situation.
      Stunned Arman learns that he was used as bait and that the story about his rare blood type was invented, in order to lure the organ traffickers to Kazakhstan. He decides to forgive his father and agrees to return together to France. Only… the upcoming re-immersion into the life of a little Parisian does not seem so attractive to him anymore now that he speaks Kazakh and has won the heart of Leila. Besides, he still worships Vlad, whose ideology, a strange mix between Orthodox Christianity and the theory of the supra-man, helped him to survive in this mountainous hell.
      In the orphanage, Alma decides to get rid of Vlad by sending him to technical school. In vengeance, he organizes a riot. Alma and the nannies are locked in the director’s office. While most of the boarders break windows and crash the canteen, Vlad barricades with the rest of his clan in his room, in order to lead a mass suicide in protest of the administration’s injustice. Leila is among the miserable children whom he forces to cut their veins.
      On the way to the airport, Arman asks his father and Bakha to stop at the orphanage to say good-bye to Leila. They arrive to find total chaos in the corridors and dormitories. While Pierre Godard saves Alma from her office, and Bakha calls the ambulance and the police, Arman is looking for Leila. At the very last moment, he saves her from under Vlad’s knife.
      Together Arman, Bakha and Leila convince the boarders to stop the riot. The police officers take Alma to prison for negligence. Vlad realizes that two his most devoted friends – Dimon and Vasilya – sacrificed themselves to his blind egotism, and goes mad. When the ambulance doctors ask for someone to help them organize the evacuation of wounded, all the kids look to Arman as their leader. By deciding to stay in Almaty, the newbie becomes ‘avtoritet’ in the orphanage.
      Pierre Godard receives an order to return to Paris. On his flight home he listens to the signals from the transmitter-chip implanted in Arman’s hand, and smiles.
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