Action/Adventure - Development 2015

Tsavo is a visceral, character-driven action adventure set in the red dusts of Africa.

    • Year of production
    • 2015
    • Genres
    • Action/Adventure
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 5 - 10 M$
    • Director(s)
    • Jonathan GLENDENING
    • Writer(s)
    • Jonathan GLENDENING
    • Producer(s)
    • Johan KRUGER (Brittle-Star Pictures), David BRAITHWAITE (Big Man Films), Sean ELE (Collective Dream)
    • Synopsis
    • Following a family tragedy, Wall Street hot-shot Robert Curtis is ambushed on his return to the boardroom and loses to his rival, Henson Graves. Corporation founder James Darabont suggests he goes to Kenya to 'rubber-stamp' a dam construction deal. Using the excursion to repair family ties, Robert takes his bereft teenage nephew, Daniel. On arrival in Mombasa, Robert is escorted by armed convoy through the poverty to the
      construction site that scars the landscape. Darabont's representative Major Beaumont urges Robert to sign the contract. However, Robert is concerned by irregularities and to the displeasure of the Kenyan officials refuses. At the hotel, Robert finds Daniel under the supervision of vacationing cop - Katherine. On a boat trip on crystal waters, Robert appreciates the natural beauty and bonds with Daniel and Katherine.
      He informs Beaumont that he will consider the contract whilst on safari. Robert rings his assistant and asks Shelley to secretly run background checks. Come the safari, Beaumont unexpectedly takes Katherine's place. Whilst the tourists appreciate the beauty of 'Tsavo' and its wildlife, Robert reviews paperwork. The day comes to a distressing end when they find a Rhino carcass - it's horn removed. At the lodge, Robert rings Shelley, she has found a trail of dubious dealings. She suspects that her on-line activities were traced by someone. At the evening party, Robert tells Beaumont that he will not be signing the deal. Beaumont leaves, spitefully telling Katherine that Robert represents the company that has already destroyed Africa. The safari continues, Beaumont claims he is too ill to join them and Katherine chooses a different van. The tourists enjoy the day until the reserve is over-run with bandits. Communications are cut
      and the park wardens murdered. The bandits pursue Robert's van which crashes. The tourists scatter and witness a honey-moon couple gunned down. Unarmed and on foot Robert leads Daniel and a British couple, Alan and Tina, into the wilderness; avoiding the predators and AK47's.
      Robert finds Katherine's van but she was taken by bandits. Holed-up in the wreckage, the party survive a night lion attack but Robert is severely injured. Alan tries to lead them to water but he is killed by a crocodile. All hope is lost - but a park ranger finds them. However, he is on the pay-roll
      of the bandits. Tina is killed and Robert is saved by Daniel. However, Daniel cannot protect Robert from the Tribe who find them. Robert is nursed by the Masai, he learns that the bandits have murdered the tribesmen to drive them off the land. The Masai choose to fight and reveal where Katherine is - she and Beaumont are being held at Nguilia Lodge in the heart of the Rhino reserve. Robert infiltrates the lodge and rescues Beaumont, but as he finds Katherine, the Major turns his gun on them! Beaumont reveals that Somali bandits have been hired to massacre all the rhinos, netting $25 million in horn. The blame can be laid on poaching and the reserve would be acquired by Darabont-Kenya; dependant on one final signature. Robert refuses to sign but Henson Graves arrives. Graves reveals that Robert has been framed for the murder of Shelley and the irregularities she uncovered. Dead or alive, his signature would be on the contract; if he doesn't want Daniel to die. Robert signs. Graves and the Kenyan officials leave Robert to be executed by Beaumont and the mercenary - Scatham. However, Robert uses his trader skills to negotiate. Scatham kills Beaumont for his share of the horn, but he still intends to kill Robert - fortunately the Masai attack! Robert pursues Graves in a dusty car chase. Scatham follows in his helicopter. Robert bumps Graves off the road, and Graves runs off - only to come across a rhino carcass being eaten by hyenas. The laughing pack turns on him and the Dam contract flutters away. Scatham's helicopter forces Robert to halt, but Katherine shoots the pilot and the chopper crashes. Scatham staggers out to kill them but Robert engineers Scatham to the river where he is taken by
      crocodiles! Robert and the Masai have saved the rare Rhinos and the reserve from the dam. Robert has earned the forgiveness of Daniel and the love of Katherine. Darabont's assets are seized by Interpol, temporarily saving Kenya's landscape. To Robert's distress, the corrupt Kenyan officials remain untouched. Robert takes Katherine and Daniel on a balloon safari. He gives Katherine a Masai necklace and they kiss. Daniel hugs them.
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Mar 01, 2015
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