Animation - Completed 2001

    • Year of production
    • 2001
    • Genres
    • Animation, Children's, Family
    • Countries
    • Duration
    • 91 mn
    • Synopsis
    • Part 1
Surprise from the Skies
Jyro’s hermit-like existence is shattered when Tootletubs crashes through the roof and lands on Jyro’s bed. Tootletubs turns out to be a good companion, though, and an excellent cook. But when Tootletubs eats the candies that Jyro uses as his checkers pieces, Jyro gets angry and shoots Tootletubs back into the sky with a catapult. Tootletubs, however, returns to Jyro, who has been missing him, and brings with him a fine new set of checkers pieces. The two friends start playing again.
      Part 2
Bubblegum Trouble
Tootletubs and Jyro argue about a strange, pink object they find in the dump. As they fight over what turns out to be a ball of chewing gum, they almost fall into a sewer but are saved by the sticky gum. In the nick of time, Tootletubs manages to release his wings and flies them both to safety. On the way home they find a piece of candy, but neither Tootletubs nor Jyro are interested in sweet things anymore.
      Part 3
The Hitch-hiker
Dung Beetle is innocently hitch-hiking when Tootletubs and Jyro crash into him with their veloci-barrow and injure his leg. Tootletubs and Jyro want to make up for the accident and offer to take the injured Dung Beetle home. Much to Jyro’s disgust, Tootletubs packs Dung Beetle’s dung ball into the veloci-barrow. Holding his nose, Jyro pedals to Dung Beetle’s home, where the two friends are invited into his secret garden. There they enjoy the fruits of Dung Beetle’s well-manured strawberry patch.
      Part 4
The Foundling
As Tootletubs is about to break it open a delicious looking egg he and Jyro have found, he hears the sound of crying from inside the egg. A cute caterpillar hatches and Tootletubs and Jyro’s nursing instincts are awakened. They take Caterpillar home, where he turns out to be a real guzzler bent on eating Tootletubs and Jyro out of house and home. When he eats Tootletubs and Jyro’s furniture, the bloated Caterpillar is turned out. Caterpillar continues to grow until, one night, he starts to pupate. Tootletubs and Jyro, thinking Caterpillar has died, are filled with sadness. But their sorrow turns to joy when they realise that the beautiful Butterfly stretching and drying its wings was once their cute little Caterpillar.
      Part 5
The Microchip
Tootletubs and Jyro find a microchip inside an old radio that has been thrown onto the dump. As they examine their new discovery, Jyro suddenly starts functioning as a radio receiver. Curious insect neighbours gather round to hear ‘Radio Jyro’. But when Fly fiddles with the microchip, a TV screen appears in his compound eyes and Tootletubs and Jyro argue over which channel to watch. One of them wants to watch football, the other prefers opera. The other insects soon tire of the argument and start playing football. Finally, Tootletubs and Jyro join in the game.
      Part 6
Tootletubs and Jyro are excited when they discover that the flowers in the meadow are bursting with delicious nectar. Flying from flower to flower is hard work and gathering nectar takes time, especially for Tootletubs and Jyro, who have no experience of nectar collecting. Jyro applies himself to the problem and invents an efficient, multi-function machine, which will do the work for them. Now they can start harvesting on an industrial scale. Very soon the meadow, once full of flowers, is turned into a disaster area. The other insects are not at all happy with what the two friends have done and Tootletubs and Jyro have to replant the whole meadow.
      Part 7
The Labyrinth
Tootletubs and Jyro are lifting carrots when one of the carrots suddenly disappears underground, taking the two friends with it. Tootletubs and Jyro get lost in a maze of subterranean tunnels where they come across many weird and wonderful creatures. It’s not until the two brave adventurers meet the scary-looking Mole Cricket and become his friends that they are able to crawl back to the surface, through a tunnel Mole Cricket digs for them.
      Part 8
The Ballerina 
Tootletubs and Jyro find a broken music box in the dump. Jyro tries to fix it. Suddenly a Ballerina appears and starts dancing. Tootletubs is mesmerized by her beauty and immediately falls in love. At night he dreams of the Ballerina and returns to her. They begin a romantic dance, which gets more and more passionate. The box collapses. The Ballerina breaks into bits and pieces. The heart-broken Tootletubs bursts into tears. Jyro tries to comfort him by building up a new musical instrument. The rhythmical sound attracts the insects from the neighbourhood and Tootletubs forgets his sorrow while dancing with his neighbours.
      Part 9
Road Hogs
Tootletubs and Jyro are tired of their old veloci-barrow. It’s so slow that even Snail overtakes it, going uphill! When they find a shiny toy sports car at the side of the road they abandon their old barrow. Tootletubs and Jyro drive recklessly along the highway, making fun of the slower travellers. Spellbound by speed, they suddenly realise that their sports car doesn’t have any brakes. They lose control and crash through Dorbeetle’s house and into a muddy puddle right next to where they abandoned their veloci-barrow. Once the chastened speedsters have repaired Dorbeetle's house, they climb into their old veloci-barrow and pedal slowly away.
      Part 10
Raspberry Thriller 
Tootletubs and Jyro set sail on a bark boat to collect a raspberry they have seen in the middle of a puddle. Green Lacewing, who is flying above the puddle, also has her eyes on the raspberry and lands on the boat. When Tootletubs chases her off, Green Lacewing gets her wings in a tangle and plunges into the water. She can't swim and Tootletubs and Jyro have to choose between Green Lacewing's life and the raspberry. Reluctantly, they give up the raspberry and Green Lacewing lives to fly another day.
      Part 11
The Harvest
It’s fall and the insect community is harvesting apples. Tootletubs and Jyro see a big red apple high up in a tree. The resourcefulness of the two is put to the test as they try then succeed in getting the delicacy down from the tree. But their joy is short-lived when Worm, who is living inside the apple, gets angry and orders Tootletubs and Jyro to put his home back where they found it. Once the apple is safely back in place, Worm thanks Tootletubs and Jyro and rewards them by dropping another red and juicy apple into their veloci-barrow.
      Part 12
Disco King 
A disco is discovered in an old radio set that has been found in the dump. When Tootletubs and Jyro join the others to party, Tootletubs surprises everyone with his amazing singing voice. Jyro, who wants his share of the limelight too, climbs onto the stage. But Jyro’s high-pitched singing isn't to everybody’s taste. The audience boos and throws rotten berries onto the stage until a despondent Jyro leaves the disco. The others continue to party until the power fails and the music and the fun come to an abrupt end. Jyro quickly fixes the problem and returns to the disco as a hero.
      Part 13
The Big Chill
Winter is coming to the insect town and Jyro is nursing Tootletubs, who is ill. When they run out of food, Jyro skis to their neighbours and asks for help but none of them are willing to share their precious food stocks. Tootletubs and Jyro's fortunes change, however, when a storm sweeps through town and a cluster of rowan berries rains onto their roof. When the neighbours, whose homes have been swept away by the storm, turn up at Tootletubs and Jyro's door the warm-hearted friends invite them in to share their windfall.