By Agustín TOSCANO, Ezequiel RADUSKY


First film - Completed 2013

Sergio, Ruben and Alicia are rural laborers of an estate in Tucumán, a northern province in Argentina. When the owners are absent, the workers occupy, without authorization, the main house. One night, after an accidental discovery, both owners and workers must undergo a forced pact of silence.

& Awards

Ventana Sur 2013
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San Sebastian FF 2015
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    • Year of production
    • 2013
    • Genres
    • First film
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 95 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Agustín TOSCANO, Ezequiel RADUSKY
    • Writer(s)
    • Agustín TOSCANO, Ezequiel RADUSKY
    • Producer(s)
    • Hernán MUSALUPPI (Rizoma), Natacha CERVI (Rizoma), Pablo CHERNOV (Line producer)
    • Synopsis
    • Sergio, Ruben and Alicia are rural laborers of an estate in Tucumán, a northern province in Argentina. When the owners are absent, the workers occupy, without authorization, the main house. They sleep in comfortable beds, eat food that they could never afford and watch movies in a huge plasma TV. They emulate the owners’ lifestyle. Moreover, Sergio, the young worker, uses the house to have romantic encounters with his girlfriend.
      One morning, while the laborers sleep in the owners’ house, Pía and her sister Lourdes, the owners of the estate, arrive to spend the weekend prior to a wedding party. Hearing the car parking in the driveway, the workers wake-up, quickly clean their tracks and manage to escape without leaving evidence of their stay. A few days later, Gabriel, Lourdes’ husband and also the estate’s manager and Manuel, Pía's husband arrive at the estate. With the owners staying in their home, the laborers must confine their selves to their humble abode and act normally, fulfilling the tasks that they are supposed to do.
      The night of the wedding, assuming that the owners will not return until dawn, the workers enter the house. Late at night, Sergio is very concentrated watching a movie while Ruben and Alicia are asleep on the couches. The front door of the house opens: Pía and her brother-in-law Gabriel enter the house kissing passionately without noticing the presence of the workers. Sergio, hardly breathing, tries to wake-up Ruben and hide with almost imperceptible movements. Pía discovers them and warns Gabriel, who stunned by the situation, tries to restore order, but shame, anguish and silence seizes everyone equally. The workers say nothing and leave the house. Gabriel returns to the wedding and makes-up a story to justify his absence and Pía’s, whilst Pía is left alone in the house.
      After the discovery, Gabriel makes the decision to leave his position as administrator of the estate and buys the silence of the laborers with a large sum of money. However, Sergio and Ruben, after a tense negotiation, also manage to recover the main house’s key in order to get back whenever they have a chance.
      Pía, following Gabriel’s resignation, decides to take care of the estate and moves into the main house, but without her husband. Eager to learn how to run an estate begins to connect with Sergio, who soon realizes the attraction of Pía for him. Pía looks for him all the time, accompanies Sergio to do field work and invents possible projects to discuss them with him. Pía's attraction grows by the minute and this only generates rejection and discomfort in Sergio.
      One night, Pía invites Sergio to the main house to give him a large amount of used clothing. Surprisingly, Lourdes, who hadn’t returned to the estate since the wedding ceremony weekend, arrives at the main house. Sergio attends the meeting accompanied by Ruben. Pía, true to her desire to move even closer to Sergio, urges the laborers to try on the used clothes in front of her. After Sergio and Ruben disguise them selves in the owners’ clothing, Pía puts on the clothing of the laborers and convinces her sister to do the same. Wine and music transform the meeting into a strange and uncomfortable party, where Pía finally tries to sleep with Sergio. Again, the worker refuses to accede to the desires of his patron, which unleashes a violent and hysterical state in Pía. Sergio tries to escape, and Pía is so disturbed that she even tries to keep him in the house by offering him to sleep with Lourdes. Sergio just wants to leave. When the workers finally manage to flee, aided by Lourdes, Pía chases them shouting and armed with a shotgun.
      The next day Lourdes and Pía close the gate and leave the estate. For a short period of time, the main house remains in silence and solitude. The stillness is broken by Sergio, Ruben and Alicia whom with naturalness reoccupy the main house, as if they had never left.