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3D - Production 2022

Based on one of the most famous Japanese Anime IP, it is a classic and nolstalgic animation with double male fighters.

    • Year of production
    • 2022
    • Genres
    • 3D, Action/Adventure, Animation
    • Countries
    • CHINA
    • Synopsis
    • 1800 years ago, to stop Evil God Orochi from destroying humanity, three warriors sealed him under the help of Dragon God . In 1996, Orochi’s followers released its soul. Orochi plans to possess Dragon God’s descendant, the little boy Mingtian, and resurrect in his form. IoriYagami, three warriors’ descendant, saves Mingtian and takes care of him. KyoKusanagi, who is also three warriors’ descendant, turns up one day. Meeting each other opens their old hatred, the two begin to fight. To protect Mingtian, they reluctantly decide to escort him out of Hong Kong together.

      They encounter interceptions from Orochi’s followers on the way to Japan. The leader of the followers, Goenitz appears. IoriYagami and KyoKusanagi fight with great struggle, but as they gradually open their hearts to each other, the situation turns around. However, under Goenitz’s use of Evil God’s blood, IoriYagami is enchanted and starts an undifferentiated attack. Mingtian uses Dragon God’s power to restore IoriYagami’s sanity. In the end, IoriYagami fight with KyoKusanagi and vanquish Goenitz successfully.