Drama - Post-Production 2017

A desperate fisherman brokers a deal with an ambitious drug runner to traffic cocaine from Venezuela to Trinidad to raise the bribe money to pay off a corrupt government official to save his village from being destroyed.

& Awards

Sundance 2017
Short listed Finalist January 2017 Sundance Institute Screenwriters Lab
    • Year of production
    • 2017
    • Genres
    • Drama, Social issues, Crime
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 0 - 0.3 M$
    • Duration
    • 15 mn
    • Synopsis
    • RAMESH SEEPAUL; a fisherman and village leader, is in the throes of a 40 day hunger strike. He leads his wife VASHTI SEEPAUL, his young son SANJAY SEEPAUL and a handful of villagers in protest against a government who wants this fishing community off the land to make way for an oil refinery project. Police give orders to bulldozers to destroy some of their homes and to disperse the villagers.
      One evening out fishing Ram and Sanjay rescue SHANE KHAN; a wounded drug runner out at sea near an old oil rig. They hide him in an abandoned fish depot in the village.
      Shane observes the rising fear amongst the villagers and overhears Ram’s troubles as MANO BROOKS; Ram’s half-brother rallies the villagers to unseat Ram their leader.
      Ram vows to DEEPAK MARAJ, their local Minister in Parliament working in cahoots with the sitting government that he will still fight him to save his village. Maraj suggests he pay him a bribe of one million dollars to stop the government’s plans to move them off their land.
      Shane offers up a plan to raise the bribe money by trafficking cocaine between Trinidad and Venezuela using the fishermen and their boats, and the village as their base. Ram turns down the offer and banishes Shane from the village.
      After a violent riot in the village, Ram is desperate and agrees to partner up with Shane to run the drugs. Over the course of a year we witness the covert transformation of this idyllic fishing village into a drug cartel, while keeping it secret from the majority of the villagers.
      Ram pays off Maraj and the village is saved. Ram and Shane are heralded as saviors. Shane is embraced by the community as an ‘investor’and he adopts the village as his home while Ram gets intoxicated by the thrill of victory in spite of the means.
      Both Vashti and Mano uncover the secret behind the village’s success. Vashti pleads with Ram to put a stop to the drugs and warns him to keep the drug business away from Sanjay. Mano threatens to blackmail Ram and starts a rival cartel by stealing Ram and Shane’s product. Ram grows increasingly uneasy with Mano and his friendliness with Vashti. Ram proposes to Shane that they put an end to the cartel and leave while they’re on top.
      Shane wants to expand by joining forces with Maraj, who is now running for leadership of his political party to execute a global operation that would ship cocaine internationally using oil tankers.
      Ram catches Mano in the depot stealing merchandise. When Mano ridicules Ram for being a fraud, Ram attacks Mano in a jealous rage and accidentally murders him.
      Now desperate to get out of the cartel, Ram seeks out Mano’s former crew to assassinate Shane. The crew botches the assassination and Shane kills Sanjay in retribution.
      Ram is now compelled to redeem himself he leads a procession of villagers to confront Shane. A bloody gunfight ensues. Ram confronts Shane to give himself up, but it is Vashti who shoots him dead instead.