Thriller - Development 2014

After a trip to Puerto Rico, a newlywed couple is haunted by an evil presence from the past.

    • Year of production
    • 2014
    • Genres
    • Thriller
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Scott HANSEN
    • Writer(s)
    • Grayson WOLFE, William DRESDEN
    • Synopsis
    • Gina Townsend awakens from a nightmare to find herself paralyzed and in a sleep center at the University of Miami. She is being monitored by a leading sleep scientist, Dr. Linus Chapman. He has been trying to help Gina, who suffers from a rare and unexplained condition called “sleep-paralysis”. Gina’s husband, Max, waits for some good news in the observation room. Dr. Chapman is able to record Gina’s most recent attack. The following morning he sends her home with her husband, informing them that it will take some time to analyze the results of her tests.
      Max and Gina are a newlywed couple who have recently moved to Miami. Max's job as an architect has finally allowed them to settle down and make a home for themselves. Gina resumes her life as a teacher to the best of her abilities despite her troubling dreams. The nightmares continue to haunt her and begin to bleed into reality. Gina confides in a friend and fellow teacher who consoles her. We learn that before Gina and Max where married, Gina had been in a severe car accident that scarred her memory. She struggles to recall who she was before the accident.
      Max has just finished overseeing construction of a new hotel in South Beach. His friend and business partner, Ty, informs him that they are going to be relocated to a new city for their next project. Max dreads telling Gina this news. Ty proposes that Max do something special for their upcoming anniversary to help win Gina over. Meanwhile, Max’s brother David, a detective, has been trying to reconcile their damaged relationship.
      Gina continues to be haunted by her vivid nightmares. One day, while at school, Gina is approached by an attorney who informs her that she has inherited an estate in Puerto Rico. Gina hopes that this news will lead to answers about her family and her past.
      Max and Gina go to Puerto Rico to claim the property and enjoy some time away from it all. The inherited estate is in disrepair but has potential. The clues Gina hoped to find about her past prove to be a dead end. While staying at the estate, they encounter an evil presence from Gina’s past that follows them back home to Miami.
      Gina's nightmares intensify and the boundaries between dreams and reality blur even further. People associated with Max and Gina’s trip begin to be murdered. Max’s brother David is investigating these murders. Things become complicated when Max becomes a suspect.
      Gina's condition worsens to the point where she is hospitalized. Her sanity is pushed to its limits. The evil that has followed her home, now revealed to be a physical and not a supernatural force, kills Dr. Chapman and kidnaps Gina from her hospital room.
      Max is now forced to find his wife and uncover the truth behind her mysterious past. Together, Max, Ty, and David travel to Puerto Rico where they uncover a plot hatched by an ancient enemy:
      Hundreds of years ago, a ruthless Spanish conquistador named Juan Diaz De Solis traveled to Puerto Rico to find the Fountain of Youth. Gina was the daughter of the chief of the native Taino people, the keepers of the Fountain’s secrets. De Solis murdered the tribe and kept Gina alive as his prize once the Fountain was discovered. He has lived on the island ever since, blending in with society.
      Many years later, Gina was able to escape to the mainland where she was involved in a car accident that erased her long-term memory. The nightmares that plague her are in fact memories from her past. The evil that has pursued her is in reality a minion of De Solis’, a monstrous deformed man called Bacco.
      Together, Max and David are able to kill Bacco and De Solis. Gina is finally released from his hold over her and is no longer haunted by her past. Max is able to rekindle his relationship with his brother and settle down into the remodeled estate in Puerto Rico where he and Gina will live out their lives as guardians of the fabled Fountain, hidden on their property.
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Jan 01, 2014
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