Drama - Development 2020

A wandering musician, Remo, arrives in a seaside village where daily life is based on the certainty and regularity of the tide. Remo’s appearance forces Antoine, a middle-aged man, to face up his villagers. Because of one day the sea doesn’t come back and the villagers soon blame the newcomer and su

    • Year of production
    • 2020
    • Genres
    • Drama
    • Countries
    • FRANCE
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Duration
    • 100 mn
    • Writer(s)
    • Paolo TADDEI
    • Producer(s)
    • Camillo ESPOSITO (Capetown srl)
    • Synopsis
    • Antoine is a respected member of the seaside community, as he belongs to one of the first families who settled here. The villagers admire him because he’s one of the few to hold down a steady job: he is a conductor of the local train service. Antoine lives with his widow mother Lousie in one of the oldest
      houses of the village facing the bay. One day he makes a tramp, a wandering musician, Remo, get off the
      train, he has no ticket and he is singing and playing his
      tambourine, gathering coins from the passengers. Remo stays at the abandoned station where Antoine made him get off then he begins to walk and arrives at Antoine’s village. There he finds an abandoned boat in the bay and cleans it up as a temporary home. It’s low tide – the villagers are having fun at his expense
      – he has a surprise waiting for him once the tide returns. But the tide never returns. The sea is gone.
      Soon the media arrives, scientists are consulted, nobody has ever heard of such a strange phenomenon. The feeling of amazement soon gives way to other feelings: without the sea
      people can’t fish and the summer visitors, their main income, will stay away. The locals very soon connect the disappearance of the sea with the arrival of the stranger. Especially as he is
      dark skinned and looks like an Italian or even a gypsy. Antoine feels responsible, maybe if he allowed him to stay on the train, he wouldn’t have ended up here. He volunteers to help by talking
      to him and trying to send him away. But before he realises what’s happening, they become close, almost like friends – in spite of little verbal communication. Antoine’s great loneliness and the
      years of living with his stifling mother Lousie, looking after her, makes his desire to break free stronger. He is confused by his own feelings. He loves Remo’s music and he is enchanted by the magic seeds he gives him, which blossom into big plants
      within hours and days. But there is pressure on Antoine, the villagers want Remo go away and hint at an old legend, a curse, which may have returned. They fear for their livelihood, even
      their lives. Antoine is forced to take steps, he cheats Remo into taking a trip with him and he leaves him far from the village, throwing his bag after him. But Remo returns once again looking
      for its tambourine. Antoine is racked by guilt and gives back the tambourine to Remo, the villagers are really angry. We learn about the curse. Antoine is again forced to take action, so he
      hides Remo in his own house, in the basement where Lousie never goes, she’s afraid of mice. Their relationship becomes tighter, though they don’t talk much. One day Lousie discovers Remo. Antoine is not strong enough to withstand the common will of getting rid of the stranger: he doesn’t stand up for Remo. The villagers break into Remo’s boat and when they discover that he’s not there they set it on fire,
      destroying every traces of his presence.