By Nadezhda KOSHMAN


Children's - Pre-Production 2014

11-year-old Kolya has a Dream. His biggest dream is to fly his mom to warmer climes by way of a self-made aeroplane... The film is centered around an intersection of two culture – the ones of Ukraine and Georgia.

    • Year of production
    • 2014
    • Genres
    • Children's, Family
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Director(s)
    • Nadezhda KOSHMAN
    • Writer(s)
    • Nadezhda KOSHMAN
    • Producer(s)
    • Igor MARON (Highlight Pictures), Michael MALTSEV (Highlight Pictures), Nicolas BAZANOV (Highlight Pictures), Viktoriya PROZHEPIURKO
    • Synopsis
    • 11-year-old Kolya's biggest dream is to fly his mom to warmer climes by way of a self-made airplane. The boy has spent the whole last month of summer vacations in a stable – an improvised aviation shop – figuring out the best design of his flying object. The kids from the neighborhood call Kolya mockingly a 'Pilot' and laugh at his fear of heights.
      Kolya's mother is a doctor, a single mother who spends almost the whole day doing shifts at the hospital. No wonder Kolya grew to be his own parent. The final days of August are days as usual of Kolya's urban neighborhood.
      The routine encounters an about-face the moment a Georgian family occupies an empty house that sits across the road from Kolya's home. It doesn't take the boy long to find a common language and make friends with the new neighbors. Kolya's peer Katy and her seven-year-old brother Kakha grow genuinely excited about the boy's aviation hobby. Katy also has a goal of her life: she'd like to become a world-renowned actress of the level of Marilyn Monroe.
      The life of Georgian neighbors is far from cloudless – the mother bakes lavash, her husband sells it at the market – the locals don't treat them too friendly, think of them as some sort of hucksters or even terrorists. Soon, a new inhabitant moves into the Georgians' home. This is Katy's uncle whose name is Gogi. He is a refugee fleeing from a distant war in the Caucasus. In Ukraine, he lives illegally.
      To legalize their relative, the Georgian family ask Kolya's mother for an unusual favor: a fake marriage. For a stamp in the passport they offer help with renovating the apartment in which Kolya lives with his mother. Kolya does not know about the agreement. His mom doesn't tell him...
      Kolya and Katy play various theatrical role games. Gogi fixes the roof of the neighbor's house. It turns out he had to do with aircraft during the war and so he can provide Kolya with valuable pieces of advice.
      Everything is going well. But once Katy's brother Kakha, who is a restless kind of a child, gets in trouble. Kolya's friends among local kids have something to do with this. To save Kakha, Kolya will have to overcome his fear of heights, fight local boys, finding out about his mom's agreement from them in the process.
      Kolya's world is being shaken: he never questioned his mother, he thought much of his friendship with Gogi, he started developing that first special emotion towards Katy. He even trusted Kakha when the latter made a promise to never gamble with older boys anymore.
      To untangle this knot of feelings of abandonment, betrayal and affection that have overwhelmed Kolya, a Georgian old man enters the plot. In fact this man is always around when a wise piece of advice is sought after. Thanks to the old Georgian, Kolya comes to realize that the best place is where we are now and that to reach happiness one does not need to fly to the overseas lands. A man gets wings not because of the airplane but thanks to being loved by the people around him.
      And the taciturn Gogi will come up with the right words to let Kolya's mother realize that she is not only under the fixed roof now but taken care of for the rest of her life.
      This is how alien people grow familiar, the fake marriage turns into a real one, the 'Pilot' loses fear of heights while the little actress learns about her talent. And what happened to the airplane? No worries, it will certainly take to the skies.
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