By Murray KEANE


Romance - Development 2020

When a blast from her past threatens her livelihood, tomboy farmer, Sam, must win the local Perfect Woman Competition, to prove that she's the perfect woman to run the high-country sheep station, and to herself, that she's the perfect woman, full stop.

    • Year of production
    • 2020
    • Genres
    • Romance, Comedy
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 3 - 5 M$
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Murray KEANE
    • Writer(s)
    • Shoshana MCCALLUM
    • Synopsis
    • Sam, 33, is the ultimate Southern Kiwi girl. Fleeing from the bright lights and bustle of Palmerston North as soon as she could, Sam finds herself on one of the most beautiful sheep stations Southland, New Zealand, has to offer. And Sam can run faster, ride harder, and shoot straighter than all the boys. As chief musterer on the Wilkie family farm, Sam has a quiet life, but being socially awkward and incapable of small talk, it’s the only one Sam wants. She lives on the station with Scotty Wilkie, 60s, and occasionally drinks at the Bullock Bar down the road with her best mate, Kim.
      The only stick in her craw is millionaire Texan, country singer, BJ Creek, who is systematically buying up the all the stations in the area to feed her ego and contracting local farm hands to help her and her alone. It’s not really the way things are done around these parts. And now, BJ has got her eyes firmly fixed on the Wilkie land. With the yearly muster coming up, Sam worries about getting by without extra hands, and this worry turns to flat out fear when Scotty injures himself and the extra hands become necessity, but BJ refuses to play ball.
      Tom Wilkie, 34, Scotty’s son, a Kiwi chef living in Sydney, returns home after years away, on hearing news his father is banged up. Sam baulks – there is history between the two. And if this wasn’t bad enough, Tom has brought a girl in tow. Mandy, 23, and city, through and through. Scotty is instantly elated at the return of his prodigal son, assuming that a few days back home will be enough for Mandy and Tom to fall in love with the place and decide to move back permanently. Jeez – it’s like Sam hasn’t been here every day for the last 15 years working her arse off, on her own.
      When BJ Creek signs up for the much celebrated, annual, Perfect Woman Competition, Kim talks Sam into doing the same. Sam has never entered, despite being the clear shoo-in, since forever. Almost instantly regretting it (once she’s sober), Sam hopes to pull out, but is pressured into staying by a proud Scotty, and the fact that Tom’s new squeeze Mandy is looking to compete as well.
      But what starts as a battle of prestige and Southern pride, dissolves into one of pretty spite, and fighting over boys. Yuck. Sam’s never been any good at the girly stuff, turned her nose up at it, actually. So she’s dismayed when the old flutter for Tom seems to compel her into acting like the foolish teen she was when he left; the vulnerable girl that Sam swore she’d never be again. As Sam flails with uncomfortable feelings, and catty behaviour, it’s her best friend Kim that calls her out on the shit. Because the perfect woman doesn’t step on other women to win, they drag them across the finish line with them.