Crime - Development 2014

A family of bikers must take the law into their own hands when the local police are unable to stop a rival gang from taking over their small town.

    • Year of production
    • 2014
    • Genres
    • Crime, Action/Adventure, Drama
    • Countries
    • USA
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    • Synopsis
    • BROCK TILLMAN isn’t your ordinary cop. Growing up in a family of bikers, he was exposed to the outlaw lifestyle at an early age by his father HANK, the leader of the local biker club, the Knights of Romulus. The Knights are town legends who serve and protect a community devastated by poverty, unemployment, and a corrupt police department. But a scandal soon rocks the Knights – their leader Hank is sent to prison for drug dealing, an activity forbidden by the club.
      A family betrayed and a code of honor broken, many Knights leave for good, and the club struggles to find its way forward. A devastated Brock tries to atone for his father’s sins by joining the local police force, hoping to turn things around. Ostracized by his former club, Brock’s life spirals out of control, bouts of drinking and disillusionment soon follow. His sister, BONNIE, attempts to “go straight”, marrying a rich insurance salesman. But her new husband has a dark secret, and his violent temper soon drives her back to the Knights, the only home she has ever known.
      Brock’s uncle FRANK, de-facto president of the club in Hank’s absence, does his best to maintain control. But MOOSE, the club’s ambitious Sergeant at Arms has plans of his own. Using the power vacuum to his advantage, he conspires with a rival biker gang, the CHAOS KINGS, to use the town of Romulus as a haven for human trafficking.
      Brock discovers the plot, but receives little help from a police department riddled with informers for organized crime. Him and his partner CUDDY decide to take matters into their own hands, but soon find themselves outgunned and outmanned by Moose and his new outlaw family.
      Worse, Bonnie’s husband is revealed to be a conspirator as well, having had a secret relationship with Moose as the co-owner of a strip club being used to stage the human cargo. Bonnie discovers his ruse, and finds herself caught in a double cross, Moose kidnapping her as ransom to keep Brock and Cuddy at bay.
      Brock reaches out to Frank and his estranged father Hank in prison, giving them the sobering news of Moose’s betrayal and the kidnapping of his sister. A revelation about Hank’s innocence will serve to unite them in their fight as the Chaos Kings prepare for their final grab at power – ambushing the Knights at a local biker rally. Brock and the Knights will put their differences aside and join forces, and together they ride against Moose and the Chaos Kings and drive them out of town for good, restoring their cult-hero status and the faith of the community again in their band of outlaw saviors.
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