By Madhureeta ANAND


Drama - Production 2013

All the development indexes in India have steadily gone up over the last sixty-five years. People live longer, people earn more, and health services are better. The only development index that has gone down since India’s independence in 1947 is the sex ratios. Today in India, there are fewer women f

    • Year of production
    • 2013
    • Genres
    • Drama
    • Countries
    • INDIA
    • Languages
    • Director(s)
    • Madhureeta ANAND
    • Writer(s)
    • Madhureeta ANAND
    • Producer(s)
    • Ekaa Films , Starfire Movies , Overdose
    • Synopsis
    • This is set in the present times against two contrasting backdrops. The first is
      New Delhi, the capital of India that has become the show window for India’s
      supposed prosperity. Its shining buildings and apparent cosmopolitan veneer,
      thinly veils an underbelly of crimes against women and corruption at all level. The second is a small village in the depths of the state of Haryana. The village
      although just 80 kilometres from New Delhi but is a new world stuck a time warp.
      Haryana is a state that has amongst the highest prosperity levels and at the
      same time it has the lowest sex ratios. In a sense these two worlds are two
      different countries. Kajarya lives in the village and Meera lives in New Delhi.
      Kajarya has a strange but important place in the village social structure; she
      murders unwanted girl infants in the garb of religion. It is the people of the village who have given her this position. And yet, she is a terrible secret that no one wants to acknowledge and so Kajarya lives on the outskirts of the village. She is banished to a life of drugs, alcohol and sheer ignominy. Shambhu, the hangman, is Kajarya’s neighbour and only friend. Although he has never hung anyone in his life, he is by title the village “jalaad” or Hangman because he inherited this profession from his father. Shambhu lives alone with his nine year old daughter – Shanti. Ironically, although Kajarya kills baby girls, she loves Shanti like her own child. Shambhu’s wants to see that Shanti is educated and so he cycles her everyday to the school in the next village. Here Shanti, being a low caste, is made to sit in the doorway of the classroom. Banwari, is Kajarya’s lover and tout. He is the village sweetheart. He is a hypocrite and to a large extent he controls Kajarya. It was he who found the young widowed Kajarya and slowly lead her to where she is today. When we meet Kajarya in the film, she is fed-up of being used and at the same time, in her drug-induced madness, she has a false sense of her invincibility. She sees herself as a powerful woman. Banwari and other men of the village can see that Kajarya is slowly “going out of control”.
      And then, like it happens in life, a casual, unknowing force becomes a catalyst for change. Meera is a rookie reporter, ambitious but stupid. She has a perfect, beautiful face and a soft exterior that hides a hard person. She calculates life and wants to get to the top but she is really not a very good journalist. She breezes into the village and the villagers feed her the story of Kajarya being a demonic baby killer, who snatches and kills their babies. The story is juicy and one sided. Even though Kajarya tells Meera about the circumstances that lead her to do what she did –
      Meera chooses to ignore it.
      Meera gets the front page of the newspaper and the story is so sensational that she is a star reporter. Kajarya goes to jail.
      Ironically, Kajarya is in jail but she is freer than she has ever been. Meera on the other hand – is now trapped in an image she created. She is a journalist with the wrong motivation. In her bid to be a star, she becomes vulture like and starts to feed on Kajarya’s every move – her court hearings, her love for Shanti, even her friendship with Banwari. Her obsession, confusion and lack of ethics throws Meera in a downward spiral. Finally when she has no avenue left she threatens to involve Shanti unless Kajarya gives her an interview.
      In the meanwhile, Kajarya comes to the realisation, that the system outside the jail has no place for her. And so she decides that the best course of action for her is to hang but not before she brings all the culprits down.
      It’s then that Kajarya summons her – what starts as an interview ends with
      Kajarya making Meera see the hypocrisy of a society that will punish the deliverer of the sentence and let the ones that actually sentenced the girls to death go scot free. With Kajarya on the inside and Meera on the outside, they bring the culprits to justice. But Kajarya must hang and it is her best friend and the man who silently loved her - Shambhu, who must hang her.
      Kajarya is hanged.
      Shambhu is now a real hangman not just one with a title.
      Meera must reconstruct her life now that the object of her obsession is dead.
      A new dawn breaks over the village when a new school opens there and Shanti is one of its first students.
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