By Swapan AHMED


Drama - Pre-Production 2016

In 2050, 200 million people will be migrating from Bangladesh due to climate change. They will become climate refugees, Is China, Europe, USA ready for the biggest migration of the history? if not, Where they will go? How they will go?

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Drama, Art - Culture, Environmental
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 0.6 - 1 M$
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Swapan AHMED
    • Writer(s)
    • Anisul HOQUE, Maliha KAZI
    • Producer(s)
    • Synopsis
    • This is the story of the daily struggle of the rural people of Bangladesh, most of whom live their entire lives fighting against the many odds that befall upon them right form their birth. Storms, floods, displacement and hunger are an integral part of this struggle. And yet these people do not forget to love... yet they remain humane.
      Abul is the inhabitant of one of the many temporary islands on the rivers of Bangladesh. Once there is a fierce storm that sweeps through the area, flooding entire villages and ruining people’s homes and properties. Abul struggles with his mother and sister, helping other villagers all the way and finally takes refuge in the village Shelter, along with hundreds of others. Here, Abul meets a beautiful young lady called Sonabanu and falls in love with her. Sonabanu, too, is attracted towards him. Sonabanu is the daughter of the most fearsome dacoit in the area, Shamsed.
      The villagers are suffering for pangs of hunger and pain. But, the two fall in love and are soon caught by the villagers, lost in each other’s embrace. The local court decrees that Abul should go away from the shelter and look for a job in the town. Abul obeys. But comes back within a fortnight is search of Sonabanu. The flood has receded and the villagers have left the shelter by then, for their homes.
      Abul sets out in search of Sonabanu with his friend Sobur who is a fisherman and owns a boat. They travel through several islands and finally get Sonabanu’s address from Kamal Doctor who practices his trade in the surrounding villages. On reaching Sonabanu’s island, Abul lands up in front of Shamsed, Sonabanu’s father who was taking a bath in the river. On hearing Abul’s name, Shamsed is furious and calls for his gang to break his bones. Sobur somehow manages to escape with Abul. But, Sonabanu has heard about Abul’s visit and she runs away. Abul and Sobur find her swimming towards their boat and pick her up.
      Abul and Sonabanu get married and Abul takes her home. His mother is not happy initially thinking about the extra burden in times when there is no source of income and no food at home, but Abul convinces her and she has no other option than to welcome the new bride.
      Abul looks for work to sustain his family. But, with the dry season approaching, work is hard to be found. Abul returns home with a pale face. There is hardly a grain to eat. Abul’s mother deteriorates. She spits up blood. Sonabanu is impatient and Abul is helpless. Sonabanu gives her nose-stud to Abul to sell it and get medicine for her mother. While returning with the medicine, Abul meets Sobur who is on his way to Dhaka city, to earn a living. Abul joins him, sending the medicine back home along with some 300 Taka.
      Sonabanu is clueless about how to run the family in Abdul’s presence. Once the food is exhausted, she tries to get work outside and sustain the family. Finally she gets to work on the daily chores at the local member’s house and bring back some food in return, for the three of them in the evening. But, even the member’s family is starving and soon Sonabanu has to look for alternative.
      Fuli, Abul’s sister, is unable to bear the pangs of hunger anymore. One day, she meets Tarek, who lures her with colors of the city alongside the promise of four times’ meal a day. Fuli is convinced and runs away with him to become a prostitute in Dhaka.
      Sonabanu is dumbfounded. She tries her best to feed her mother-n-law and keep her alive. Barek, an old
      fish–hunter and an inhabitant of the island eyes her. One day while returning with a big catch he meets her on the way and offers her to cut and cook the fish for him. Sonabanu agrees with the hope of getting some part of the fish from him. But, after completing the cooking, when she asks for some food, Barek tries to touch her in return of his favor. Shocked and outraged Sonabanu, leaves for home, only to find her mother-in-law gasping some food to pacify her burning pain. Sonabanu is at the end of her limits. She goes to the backyard and tries to commit suicide. But Abul’s face surfaces in front of her eyes and she is unable to commit the sin. In desperation, Sonabanu goes back to Barek’s room at night and lets him fulfill his desire.
      After returning home, while she is feeding her mother-in-law with rice and fish given by Barek, a man comes and hands over 2000 Taka sent by Abul. Sonabanu breaks down wondering why it did not arrive a few minutes ago.
      A few months later, Sonabanu is discovered pregnant by the villagers. A local court is set up. Sonabanu names her perpetrator, but Barek refuses to confess. So, the member lets him free and orders 40 whips for Sonabanu. Sonabanu is also out-casted from the rest of the village. Some villagers advice her to abort the baby. Her mother-in-law and Kamal Doctor practical try to spoil the baby while she is asleep. But Sonabanu defends herself violently.
      During Eid, both Fuli and Abul are returning home on the same bus. Fuli, who is in a Burkha recognizes her brother and keeps a distance. On getting down from the bus, Abul heads straight for his home with bags full of gifts while Fuli keeps a watch at him from a distance, unable to gather courage to face her family.
      At home, seeing Sonabanu, Abul immediately realizes that she is pregnant. He rushes out of the house without a word and cries vehemently and curses god for the misfortune. Fuli comes to him from behind and consoles him. She tries to make him realize that they have all sought after their own interests and have all run away individually from the unbearable pangs of poverty and hunger. Sonabanu is just one of them and had been the last of them to accept defeat.
      Abul understands. He goes back to Sonabanu who is terrified at his return. But Abul takes her into his arms and says that it is just the Sonabanu whom he loves that he wants. He says that the baby in her womb is his own child. Both of them are in tears.
      Sonabanu gives birth. It’s a male child. Abul holds the child firmly on his lap. The very same day, Halim borrows a Teda (fishing equipment) from Abul.
      Later that day, Barek’s body is found stuck in a fishing net and pierced by a Teda, floating in the river water.
    • Partners & financing
    • Impress Telefilm (Bangladesh) will be financing 30 percent of the project and Reggae Entertainment (Bangladesh) will be financing 30 percent.
      We are looking for international partners for rest 40 percent.
    • Production schedule
    • 15-07-2016 to 30 -07 2016 (First Lot)
      20-11-2016 to 15-12-2016 (last lot)
      We shall start post productions immediately.
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Jul 15, 2016
    • End of shooting
    • Dec 15, 2016