Drama - Development 2008

    • Year of production
    • 2008
    • Genres
    • Drama, Action/Adventure, Thriller
    • Countries
    • ITALY
    • Languages
    • Writer(s)
    • Synopsis
    • In a Miami courtroom circa 1975, prosecutor LUIS SANCHEZ, 45, outlines his case against ANTONIO “TONY” VALERIO for the murder of two DEA AGENTS. Once Tony is convicted, his LAWYER calls Tony’s daughter FLORES, 20, in Cuba. She insists her father is innocent and doesn’t deserve a life sentence. In the present, the case comes before Federal Judge HINCE. Sanchez remains the prosecutor, while Tony has DAVID CASELLA on his side. Casella mounts a defense based on details from public records of CIA operations and investigations by journalists having to do with assassination attempts against officials of foreign governments, particularly FIDEL CASTRO. Part of his evidence is the strange pattern of deaths in various cases, including the death of mobster SAM “MOONEY” GIANCANA. According to Casella, Tony has never been involved in drug trafficking. Flores finally has the chance to speak in her adoptive father’s behalf. The story really begins in 1958, when Tony works in the mob-run casinos in Havana, collecting the business cards of influential men who could help him if he ever comes to the U.S., including his casino boss MR. DIMOND. Tony is a friend with dancer/part-time prostitute LUCIA, Flores’ mom. MARGHERITA is a fifteen-year-old aspiring dancer with a crush on Tony. ANITA is Tony’s Italian mother. When Castro’s rebel forces take over, Cuba is in chaos. Lucia wants to go to the U.S. on a promise of becoming a star in Hollywood, so Tony reluctantly agrees to
      watch Flores. Quickly realizing there is nothing for them in Cuba anymore, Tony takes Flores and Anita to the U.S. But the only job he can land is selling hot dogs, as he finds his collection of business cards doesn’t do him much good here. He can’t even find Lucia, who is in Hollywood and actually lands parts in movies and in stage musicals. Casella outlines how Dimond, who runs Lucia’s career, is the one who introduces her to Mooney and other mobsters. It’s decided by Mooney, JOHNNY ROSSELLI and Dimond to rename Lucia “Stella May.” Mooney is called before a crime commission presided over by ROBERT KENNEDY, but the mobster doesn’t take the proceedings seriously. Sanchez objects to Casella suggesting that Giancana procured votes for JOHN KENNEDY in the 1960 election. When Flores sees Lucia in a movie magazine, she recognizes her mom and writes a fan letter. Lucia gets on Mooney’s bad side by telling him she doesn’t want to take him as a lover. She comes to Miami to see where Flores is living and talks to Tony, but doesn’t see her daughter. ARTHUR PAOLETTI, 55, hires Tony to help repossess cars for Dimond’s car dealership, a dangerous occupation. Tony finds a way to cheer Flores up by showing her a signed photo from Lucia. Casella moves on to prove that there was an on-going plan to overthrow Castro inherited by Kennedy when he became president. Back in 1960, Tony sees newspaper reports about the crime commission and realizes he’s working for the mob. Paoletti is very ill, but refuses to go to the hospital. Meanwhile, when Tony gets caught trying to repossess a car by tough EDDY and his buddies, Paoletti comes to Tony’s aid late and Tony ends up with a sliced lip. Dimond tries to make a deal with Mooney and the other mobsters about moving to Vegas, but ends up shot to death. Lucia is with him, but her life is spared. Among those who come to his funeral are ex-FBI agent, now CIA employee, ROBERT MAHEU, Kennedy/Giancana girlfriend JUDITH EXNER, heavyweight champion FLOYD PATTERSON and heroin traffickers the CELLINI BROTHERS. Mooney takes Lucia to a back room for a quickie during the funeral service. Tony notices this and calls her a whore, but they make up and Tony wonders about returning to Cuba to start a new life. Maheu has a
      meeting with Roselli to discuss mob help in overthrowing Castro. Giancana is amazed. In the present, Tony admits he wasn’t present during this meeting, but Casella has supporting documents. JIM OLDS discusses the deal with Giancana later. Tony relates how Lucia made a mistake telling Giancana about Flores, as he now has a means to blackmail her. First, he sets her up at a resort in Tahoe, where she and other beautiful women sleep with whomever Giancana wants. It’s here that Lucia meets Jim Olds, who enjoys bondage, and she overhears tape recordings of JFK with MARILYN MONROE. Jim Olds moves on to training the Cuban refugees for the Bay of Pigs. One of the trainees is Tony. However, Giancana learns that Robert Kennedy doesn’t like that he is involved in the operation, as RFK is still stung by Giancana’s lack of respect at the crime commission hearings. In Tahoe, Flores is present when Giancana knocks around Lucia. Paoletti is arrested for having taping equipment in his hotel room. FBI agent SCANNELL wants to get his hands on these tapes and is willing to make a deal. When Tony visits Paoletti, the older man tells him that word is the Kennedy Administration isn’t behind the Bay of Pigs operation anymore. Tony leaves the training camp and Casella reads reports of the DEA agents killed by five drug runners. Four were captured and Tony was considered the fifth. Tony tells the judge that he was considered a spy for Castro, that’s why the agents were after him and the others, not because of drugs. Supporting Tony’s case are photos which show that the DEA identification badges at the scene are not the same ones reported in the official record. Someone switched them. Back in 1961, Anita and Tony listen to the tape Paoletti has and realize that Lucia is sleeping with a lot of important people. Tony confronts Jim Olds about this and the federal agent agrees to help Tony, knowing that Tony is a wanted man. At a heavyweight title fight, Tony meets Jim Olds who gives him poison to put into Castro’s food. Tony the returns to Cuba and to his old house, which is being watched by Margherita, now a beautiful young woman who believes in the revolution. Tony meets his contact, FATHER ALOISIO, and warns him about Margherita. During a ballet performance which includes Margherita, a French ship is blown
      up in the harbor. Tony and Margherita become lovers and Tony lands a job as chef at a restaurant after the chef dies in a “mysterious car accident.” Sadly, Margherita dies in another bomb attack. Meanwhile, Lucia brings Flores to Anita and Paoletti. Giancana has beaten them both. Paoletti makes a deal with Scannell, trading the tapes and Giancana for safe passage to Cuba for Flores, Anita and Lucia. GIANCANA HITMEN come after the tapes and threaten Lucia and Flores. Anita saves them, but is shot dead. Lucia had been given a drugged enema by one of the Hitmen. Casella claims this is the same way Marilyn Monroe died. A distraught Tony takes out his anger on his Cuban contact CARLOS, but is ordered to continue with the plan. Paoletti is killed by Jim Olds after revealing the location of the tape once he knows Flores is safe. The day Tony is to poison Castro’s food is November 22, 1963. He does, but smashes the plate before Castro can eat off it when he sees Lucia and Flores are safe. Tony is grabbed by BODYGUARDS, but all is forgotten when the news announces the assassination of JFK. Asked by Sanchez why he risked returning to the U.S. in 1975 when he was safe and successful in Cuba, Tony answers he wanted to get back at Giancana for what the mobster did to Flores and Lucia. He’s in the house when TWO HITMEN kill Giancana. Casella wins the case and Tony returns to live in Cuba with Lucia and Flores.