Drama - Development 2011

    • Year of production
    • 2011
    • Genres
    • Drama, Romance
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 10 - 25 M$
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
    • Writer(s)
    • Synopsis
    • Two detectives are walking along the “Puri District Hospital” of the southern Indian district. They have to identify a young white woman without documents who was taken to hospital when she was unconscious. “Who are you, miss, what’s your name?” The detectives’ questions get no answer and hung in blurring abyss engulfing the sick mind of the woman.
      At night, when the whole world is enveloped in silence and tropical shower pours onto the ground, Anna is slowly coming around. “Who are you, miss, where are you from, what’s your name?” She begins to recall …
      Anna Poletaeva was the daughter of a top official of the Soviet foreign ministry. Her mother died in childbirth, and the girl’s childhood was unusual. She spent most of her childhood abroad together with her father, she spoke several foreign languages, was familiar with cultures of different peoples. Her family included her grandfather too, his character was the direct opposite of her strict, self-disciplined and taciturn father. He was a famous painter, somewhat eccentric and dare-devil, just as a real genius is supposed to be. Anna also had an extensive nobility pedigree, but that could not be told to anyone back then.
      In 1992, the family’s life, just as the life of the country, dramatically changes. Anna’s father comes back to his native country, Belarus, and as a person who did a lot for the fall of the Iron Curtain begins to establish international relations of the young state. This same year, an Indian embassy opens in Minsk and Anna meets Vikram, the son of the Indian ambassador, at a reception where she was doing an Indian dance. At a glance, there come up relations between the children which they could easily identify as love if they were older.
      The world is rapidly changing, and Anna’s father gets retired as an old-guard man. Relations between Anna and Vikram break off leaving nice memories, a couple of pictures, love for distant India and the gift of the boy in love - a small cobra with emerald eyes, as green as Anna's. Everything seems to have become a thing of the past, but life makes its own arrangements…
      Anna Poletaeva turns into a young beautiful woman. She gets her father’s strong character and her grandfather’s creative world perception. She is a famous press photographer, self-confident, popular in her profession and happy in her marriage. It seems that nothing could destroy the wellbeing, but the fate has in store an unpleasant surprise – a banal adultery of her husband betraying her with her best friend. Anna, who is used to living up to righteous principles, is heavily suffering from what happened. Being in deep depression and having lost, as she believes, everything that was dear to her, she accepts an offer of a news agency made to her long time ago and flies away to India.
      First, the country of her child dream does not awake special interest in her. It’s her “new place of work”. But it becomes clear very soon that life has wrote for Anna a special script that cannot be changed or avoided…
      Having spent two days lying in the hotel, Anna makes herself to get up, take a bath and go out. She observes a strange, incomprehensible life as if from another world. She looks at people, whose appearance, system of values and world outlook are difficult for her to understand. Her own problems make her see the world around her with greater insight and perception, this world catches her fancy and awakes an artist. Anna takes her camera and enthusiastically makes pictures.
      Near the Qutb Minar architectural complex, she notices a column and people around it. An unfamiliar Indian offers Anna to try her hand at embracing the iron monolith. Having put down her camera on the ground, Anna goes all out to embrace the column, as if all further existence, the whole universe and wellbeing depend on that moment. Her fingertips are getting closer to each other. When the distance between the fingertips is only a couple of inches, a poorly dressed guy pops up in front of her and adroitly grabbing her camera disappears in the crowd. Anna makes headlong after him.
      Passers-by look surprised at a woman running as quickly as she can without noticing anything. She runs across a road nearly run over by a car. The driver swerves and crashes into a billboard. Anna falls down to the ground. But she gets up at once and keeps running taking no notice of her slashed forehead. The puzzled driver runs after her and overhauls her in a poor quarter of the city where she stands in the middle of the street looking around in confusion and trying to see the filcher who disappeared in tangled streets of the slums looking just the same as in any other place of the world…
      He recognized her at once, by her large green eyes he has never seen anywhere else, by her character, unusual and unique. He recognized her because a strange, unusual meeting only with this woman the fate grants him again. And by the fact that he never managed to forget her over years.
      The past comes back to Vikram and Anna. The woman’s injured and frozen heart is opening to a new love, or rather to understanding how close this person is to her. She knows him very well and has to learn him anew at the same time, now he is grown-up, mature, strong and courageous. Dreading to feel pain again, she cautiously gives herself up to her feeling and little by little blossoms out like a flower.
      But years between the childhood and maturity did not pass away without a trace. Vikram, just as Anna, has his own life, and his parents’ obligation, given long time ago, makes him marry an Indian girl, Priyanka, he’s been for many years engaged with. Vikram is in despair. His family vainly try to persuade him to endure the fate and not to trample on ancestors’ customs, as their life experience and wisdom show that a feeling and a duty, unfortunately, often come into conflict with each other, but the feeing has never won in this fight.
      Vikram’s family meet Anna too. They ask her to let Vikram alone, not to ruin his life and explain customs of their country, rules of their belief and their way of life. Vikram’s fiancée together with her friends intrigue against her too. To crown it all, the oldest brother openly offers Anna a payoff, a case with 10,000 dollars, so that she lets their family alone.
      Deeply confused, facing a circle of lies and hopeless situation, Anna goes to a hospital hoping that a conversation with Vikram would help her to assess the situation and make the right decision. She sees her beloved near the hospital sitting on a bench in the park with Priyanka. Anna watches them for a long time and feels she is out of place in their strange, settled life. Having overcome her feelings, she makes a difficult decision and leaves. Anna does not know that Vikram is trying at the moment to explain to his fiancée that their marriage is impossible.
      A night train takes Anna to Jaipur. She gets off on an empty platform, which is being poured with rain, takes a lonely taxi and goes to an ashram. A strange and silent foreign woman with eyes full of pain attracts tactful and wise attention of enlightened guru and swami. The new world, absolutely new, full of wisdom, peace of mind and high awareness of being, changes Anna. Her soul gradually calms down, she soars over circumstances of her life and gains enlightenment. Absorbing laconic words, filled with great sense, of people around her, Anna begins to realize that the real world and the great cosmos exist only in a person’s soul, that the greatest love is the greatest denial, that the love in heart is eternal.
      Anna’s new state comes to a series of pictures that are surprising by their depth and artistic value and become the best masterpieces of her talent. The sea attracts Anna, and she leaves for Puri.
      In the meantime, Vikram cannot put up with the loss of his beloved. He does not listen to arguments of his family and keeps looking for Anna dreading to lose his love one more time. The search brings him to an ashram in Jaipur. Asked about Anna, an old guru tells Vikram a legend about a dream of Rama in the evening of his life. He saw himself young and next to him he saw a beautiful woman who told him the words of love and faithfulness, who offered him the king’s crown and power all over the world. Rama’s soul got excited. Then Rama’s good genius came to him and warned him that if he accepts the crown and the power all over the world, the divine reason will leave him forever. And if he clasps the woman in his arms, his happiness will kill her.
      Without listening to the end of the story, Vikram rushes after Anna to the ocean. He tries hard to find her and finally he does. His words “wherever we run we will always come back to each other” sound like a sentence. Anna realizes that it’s really so, their meeting was fatal, and you can’t escape your fate, even if the whole world is against. On the beach, they make love for the first time.
      Vikram wakes up first in the morning and tenderly looks in the face of sleeping Anna. Trying not wake her, he softly kisses her arms. Anna moves in her sleep and embraces him with her eyes still closed…
      The blue ocean rumbles outside. A flag with bright “Merry Christmas 2005” on it is softly flapping in the breeze. The flag begins to flap harder. The flag’s pole is bending under stronger flaws, finally breaks off and is taken by the wind along the shore. The sea is rapidly receding baring the shore. For a moment, there falls eerie, tingling silence followed by roar of a coming huge wave …
      “Who are you, miss, what’s your name?” rings in the head of a pale woman with dark circles around her eyes who stands by the open window letting the tropical shower stream down her face.
      “I don’t know … I don’t know now… I don’t know…” she repeats in silence to a non-existent or invisible person.
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